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I have always had trouble spots of stubborn fat on my back for many years. Growing up, I was very overweight as a child. My weight peaked at 250 lbs and I was teased terribly for the rolls of fat on my back. I tried diet and exercise, which certainly led to weight loss, but the rolls of fat on my back still persisted. No matter how healthy I ate, or how much I ran, I could not get rid of the unwanted fat on my back. It got to the point where I even thought I had something wrong with me. I even had my thyroid function checked to make sure I didn't have a medical reason for holding on to my back fat.

Eventually I know I'll need to visit a plastic surgeon for an invasive procedure like lipo to eliminate my fat, but I am not ready for that right now. I'm scared of surgery, fear general anesthesia and don't feel like dealing with the bruising, swelling and other post-op issues that come with surgery. So, I decided to look for non-invasive procedure that were available. After doing some research online, I had read a lot of positive reviews about people having Coolsculpting treatments, a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that's FDA-cleared. In the reviews I read, people used Coolsculpting to contour their lower abdomen, love handles, chin and back fat. Many patients raved about Coolsculpting and it's ability to use freezing for fat removal.

For a little history on Coolsculpting and how it was discovered. It was developed by doctors at Harvard who noticed children that sucked on popsicles developed dimples due to a loss of fat cells in their cheeks caused by the freezing temperatures of the popsicle. Zeltiq Aesthetics then commercialized this technology under the name Coolsculpting and had it FDA-cleared for the removal of stubborn fat in certain areas of the body.

After reading plenty of positive Coolsculpting experiences by patients, I decided to schedule a consultation at Revive Salon and Med Spa in San Diego, California. When I went to Revive Salon and Med Spa, I met with Michelle to go over the details of Coolsculpting and she explained the entire process to me. After my consultation, Michelle set me up for the Coolsculpting procedure and started to work her magic.

Coolsculpting works by using cooling applicators to freeze your fat. This fat freezing leads to the destruction of fat cells and their elimination from the body, leading to fat loss in the treatment area. For my procedure, the problem areas on my back were covered with a special cream that helps protect your skin from frostbite. Michelle then added freezing cold packs to my back fat and then placed the Coolsculpting machine on the packs. The machine had to stay on each side of my back for 30 minutes and during this time, I had to sit still, but was able to relax. While the machine was cold when it was first put on, I quickly got used to it and was able to nap, read a book, do work, etc. which is great b/c that helps to make the time go by quickly.

The entire treatment was quick and painless. I was able to go to the gym immediately post procedure. There is no downtime at all with Coolsculpting. Over the next 2 months following my treatment, those bra rolls have flattened out and are much smoother. I even went down a bra size, which is great!

I am so happy I did Coolsculpting. I had great results after only a single treatment and I feel Coolsculpting is a great non-invasive body contouring treatment. It has made me less self-conscious and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I look forward to going back to have it done on other areas of my body where I have fat bulges.

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