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Knee Liposuction Review

While liposuction seems like a quick fix that may not be worth the risks, the fat above my knees has always been an area of my body I felt was least attractive, and I’ve searched for workouts that couldn’t give me the results that this procedure ultimately did.

My Story

I thought I was in the minority of people that felt they had some sort of excessive band of fat deposits around their knees, so much so that they were reluctant to wear shorts or a bathing suit.  Turns out there are plenty of people that have this issue, and after a little research I found that liposuction to the areas was a good option.

I’m in my early-30’s and have two children.  I never really gave my knees that much thought until I turned 30.  I started to notice that I had – for lack of a better description – knee fat.  Like I mentioned, I did give birth to two children, and I did gain weight during pregnancy, but went on a weight loss / exercise diet a few months after giving birth.  I’m not overweight now and am hopefully 15 years or so away from menopause.  

As I researched online, menopause and excess weight are a few of the typical changes in your body that can lead to fat accumulation above the knees, as well as the prevailing predisposition to having the problem: genetics.  I had noticed that my mother has the same look I do, although her excess fat in that area is more pronounced for obvious reasons (she’s 30 years older than me). And seeing her as a mirror into the future made me desperate to fix the issue.

Ways to treat excess knee fat

My research lead me to find possible remedies to get rid of the unwanted fat above the knees and thighs.  I saw exercises and exercise devices, so-called miracle cures, lotions and creams to tighten the area, radiofrequency tightening, and even Kybella (which is an injection approved for neck fat destruction has been used off label by some doctors to treat the fat in this area).  

After I sorted the wheat from the chafe, I was able to focus on a cosmetic procedure that can be done to reduce fat in your knees, and if needed, your inner thighs.  The best, most consistent results, and longest-standing treatment I could find was liposuction.

Finding a doctor

I looked at board-certified plastic surgeons in my area (Philadelphia) that had experience and enough before and after photos of liposuction patients to convince me that I should set up a consultation with them.  I chose to meet with three plastic surgeons that had the best reviews, photos, and were available within a reasonable amount of time.  I should note that there were many more surgeons that had experience in all types of plastic surgery, but I went with those that had successfully performed liposuction on knees (inner and outer portion).

During my meetings with the different surgeons, I was told consistently that I had pads of fatty tissue around my kneecap (patella), which made my knees to look thicker and lack shape.  We reviewed my medical history, which is clean, and ruled out any other underlying issues, such as arthritis, as well as any medications I was taking. Since I was a bit on the young side, I also have good skin elasticity (not a lot of loose skin), which is important for the area where the procedure is done to snap back into shape once the fat has been removed.  Overall, I was considered good candidate for fat removal around my knees by each surgeon.

After my consultations were completed, I sat down with my husband to discuss the liposuction cost (turns out I could finance the procedure), how to prepare for any downtime from work/house duties, and to decide which surgeon was the best for me.

Pre-Op Visit

I went back to the surgeon’s office to do a quick walk-through of the pre-procedure do’s and don’ts, put down my deposit, and set up a date for my procedure. The coordinator and nursing staff also reviewed the potential complications, recovery time, post-surgery garments I would need, and the time line for follow-up visits.  The doctor took time with me to set realistic expectations.

Knee Liposuction Surgery Day!

I set up the procedure for the Wednesday afternoon before a three-day weekend.   I wasn’t afraid, but I wanted to take a few days off from work and stay off my feet if need be.  The staff at the doctor’s office / surgical center could not have been nicer.  After I was prepped – no big deal here – the surgeon came in and drew lines around the knee area where she would remove the fat from.  The procedure does not require general anesthesia, so I was given a local anesthetic to numb the area.  After the local anesthesia took effect, the doctor made a couple of small incisions where the fat was going to be sucked out by a little tube (a tube they call a cannula).   All the while this was being done the surgeon talked to me and told me what she was doing, ensured I was comfortable, and what to expect next.   I couldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, but I could definitely tell through feelings of pressure and weird pulling sensations that there was something happening around my knee.

The whole knee liposuction procedure took about an hour, after which time I was put into a post-surgery area where my husband was patiently waiting. He could tell I was fine because I immediately started asking about whether or not my mother was able to pick up the kids from school and confirm they made it home alright. The recovery room nurses rarely checked on me, likely because I could see other patients with more intense looking surgeries were coming out of anesthesia and were in much more pain than I was – I was fine with that. Before I could leave the doctor came by and with the help of a nurse they got me into the compression garment I brought with me (I found one from a brand the doctor suggested online).

Post-Op and Recovery

As instructed by the doctor’s office, I took it easy for the next couple of days and that weekend, routinely keeping my garment on to prevent fluid from accumulating where the fat was removed. I did have some swelling, soreness, bruising, and minor discomfort for the first 7 to 10 days. I did get up and walk a bit during this time, but found it best to slow down and take my time. When I would be sitting or lying down I took every opportunity to keep my legs raised so that the swelling would dissipate quickly – I wanted to see the results as soon as possible!

I returned to work on Tuesday (following the days off and the three-day weekend) and honestly felt better than I thought I would. The swelling and bruising didn’t last much more than 10 days, but I wore pants to work, so no one was able to see my knees.

I was told – and this is true of most procedures – that different people heal / recover differently. I was able to return to mild activity after three weeks and almost six weeks after the procedure went to the gym and started my exercise regime, although I did it at a slower pace and with less weight.

My Knee Liposuction Results

It’s been almost four months since my knee liposuction and everything looks and feels great.  My lower legs look like they did when I was younger.  I think I have better results than I had imagined going into the procedure.  I now have no qualms about wearing shorts or a dress anymore, and the procedure was definitely worth it.

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