Review of My Laser Hair Removal Treatment With Pictures and Videos.

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My name is Annie. I'm 27 and live in Los Angeles, California. Last year, I started getting laser hair removal on my underarms, chin and Brazilian for unwanted hair growth and this is my laser journey. I had six laser hair removal treatment sessions done at LaserAway in Sherman Oaks, California and they were all done 6 weeks apart. Before we get in to my results, I will talk about my experience with the procedure.

First off, the first several sessions are absolutely pain free (in my opinion). I may have a high pain tolerance, but they do also start you off on a low setting. When you go in you're supposed to have shaven 12 hours prior (if I'm remembering correctly) ... no waxing or plucking because the whole purpose for the laser is to detect the pigment in the hair and from what I understand, destroy the root.

They told me that I was a good candidate for laser hair removal because it works best on people who have a pale skin color, but have dark hair, which is exactly what I have. I think it has to do with the contrast of hair and skin, so the laser can detect the darker color of the hair.
As I mentioned, the first several sessions were pain free, but it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable for me. If you're someone who has a hard time going to the doctor and having that doctor see your private parts, then the Brazilian treatment will make you cringe... thinking about it now is making me cringe!

The underarms and chin were simple, but the Brazilian was dreadful! You basically have to go spread eagle, without underwear, in front of a stranger as they zap you with a laser in your treatment area. Not only that, they REALLY get in to every crevice of your lady parts (if you're a lady... I'm sure they do the same with boy parts) and they move "things" around and really get in there. The Brazilian includes between your "cheeks" and once again, they REALLY get up in there! Sometimes they have you put your knees to your chest, sometimes they have you lay to one side and raise one knee to chest. One time I had to go on my stomach and spread "them" myself. I went in six different times and I NEVER got comfortable with that part. If you're someone who doesn't mind strangers digging around and zapping your private parts, you'll be fine. On the plus side, it is relatively quick... maybe 10 mins or less.

Oh, yeah and I mentioned that the first few sessions were pain free... as you continue sessions, they start turning up the power of the laser and it does start stinging a bit. My last few sessions felt like little rubber band snaps hitting you. It felt like a quick burning sensation everytime the laser zapped you, but it was bearable. 

As far as my results go, my chin had absolutely no difference at all. I think that may be a hormonal issue though, so I'll probably have to figure out a different procedure for that. My underarms and Brazilian area took the treatment much better. I definitely had hair reduction in those areas. After each session, the coarse hair would start thinning out a ton. It would grow back as lighter hair and it was wispy. The Brazilian area would always start growing in thicker again right before my next laser hair removal appointment. After a couple of laser treatment sessions, my underarms were thinning out a ton and taking a very long time to grow back. My underarms had good results.

After my 6 sessions, I stopped and I do still have hair in those areas, however, I don't have to shave my underarms for weeks or even a month at a time. In my Brazilian area, the hair is still on the darker side, but it's a bit sparser. They recommend 8-12 sessions, so I think if I would have kept going in for touch ups, I would have had better results. It is nice though to rarely have to shave my underarms though. That's where I had the most dramatic hair loss.

I've attached photos and videos of my experience getting laser hair removal. I hope you enjoy them!