Review of My Microblading Treatment. Was Definitely Worth it! Before and After Pictures To Prove it!

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Performed 2016

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 Due to major over-plucking of my brow hairs in my teenage years, my eyebrows became incredibly thin and sparse. I repeatedly tried to grow them out, however they would only grow in the places I didn’t want them to! As I got older, I actually had tiny bald spots along the “tails” of my eyebrows.

I would spend so much money on cosmetic products that promised me “perfect, easy brows”, yeah right! I wasn’t good at filling in my eyebrows…not at all. It took me 10-15 minutes every day to try to get them looking realistic and semi-decent. I was never able to get the perfect eyebrows I always tried for. I have light skin and very light blonde hair, so finding the perfect shade in cosmetic brow pencils, creams, or serums was next to impossible. They would always come out either way too light or way too dark! On top of all of that, once I was finally finished creating mediocre brows, I would find spots that rubbed off throughout the day! It was irritating to say the least!

Microblading had just started becoming a well-known permanent makeup procedure. However, I only saw it in places like California and New York. Los Angeles and NYC seemed to be the main hubs for eyebrow microblading artists. I never saw or heard of it in places around good ole’ Pittsburgh, PA, where I lived.

As months passed, I began to notice microblading was finally popping up around my area! After some internet research, I found a place nearby. I looked at a lot of the technician’s before and after photos of her clients and loved what I saw!

I called and made an initial appointment for a consultation, which was to be followed by the actual procedure as long as the technician thought I was a good candidate for it.

Then I met Kelly, a licensed Cosmetologist and the permanent make up artist at the salon. She was incredibly sweet and informative. She explained how everything worked and what she would be doing. I had to fill out some forms asking the usual questions about medications and allergies, as well as sign a consent form for them to proceed with the procedure.

Kelly then actually had me take selfies of myself on her phone so she could see the way I smiled and showed expression! I thought this was very thorough of her! She proceeded to pluck my eyebrows and to ask if I was okay with her giving me new “tails,” as mine would look better a little higher up. Of course, I agreed! She then mixed up some colors she thought would compliment my skin tone and hair shade. After that, she had me lay down on the table with a mirror and proceeded to swatch my forehead with the different ink shades she customized for me. I chose the color and then she proceeded to carefully measure out how my eyebrows should be naturally and properly shaped for my facial structure. She then drew on the eyebrows what she thought would look best with a pencil of some sort, in a close color to the ink I chose. She encouraged me to make expressions and get up and walk around, all while paying attention to my soon to be new eyebrows! After I reassured her I liked what she did, she used a type of stencil paper (like tattoo brow artists use) she then cleaned off my forehead very well and applied the stencil on me. It was kind of like a “map” she would be using while my brow area was microbladed. After that, she applied a topical skin numbing cream and set a timer for 15-20 minutes. During this time, I got up to use the bathroom and took a peek to see what my brows looked like! I was a little nervous to see what little eyebrows I had left and the marks on my forehead (pictures included).

Once the actual microblading procedure was beginning, the pain was almost unbearable! However, after she made the first blading pass, she applied more numbing cream. She did this after every pass or two and very quickly the pain started to fade until I couldn’t feel anything but slight pressure. Throughout this procedure, she would have me randomly sit up and look at her. She would exam my eyebrows from all angles, then have me lay back down. She did this quite a few times, but I didn’t mind as I knew she was doing this to ensure her best work and the best results! You don't want to have your eyebrows microbladed incorrectly, so it's definitely a good thing that Kelly was so careful during my procedure.

The aftercare was simple. I was to gently blot my eyebrows clean with soap and water twice a day and keep them moist and protected with Aquaphor for 2-3 weeks. You are not allowed to apply eyebrow makeup for the first few weeks. Healing was relatively easy and completely pain free. I experienced no issues!

I loved my end results! My eyebrows looked amazing! After six weeks, I had to go back for a follow-up appointment for a touch up session. This session is not included in the initial price, because not everyone needs a touch up, but it is relatively common to need one. My extra touch up session was only $99. It was a short, quick session, so it wasn't bad. Healing instructions and the healing process itself were the same as before. Again, I experienced no complications, and loved the results even more!

I absolutely love my new eyebrows! Not only are they a little darker than they naturally are (which I requested) but Kelly gave them a beautiful shape! They really fit my face shape and compliment my eyes. Due to her raising the “tails” of my eyebrows, I looked like I had undergone a natural-appearing eyebrow lift! I was and I am still amazed at what a difference eyebrows can make in the appearance of your face.

I have seen so many of Kelly’s before and after pictures and while they are all amazing, the most impressive to me are the more mature women that undergo the procedure. It literally takes a good 10 years off of their appearance. The look of a nice natural brow lift and beautiful healthy eyebrows can make you look great for a long time!

I love waking up with my brows "on fleek”, lol. I love the money I am saving by not continuously purchasing new brow products with false promises and most of all I love that I no longer have an extra 10-15 minutes of aggravation in the morning! I just love it all. I have perfect eyebrows now and I definitely recommend this procedure to all of my fellow sparse eyebrow friends out there!