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Performed 2018

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I recently had a microdermabrasion done by Lauren Coffman at Juvly Aesthetics. I booked this service because I had seen many YouTube videos about this and wanted to give it a try. I was experiencing uneven skin texture and acne and was looking for something that could clear my skin up. I had seen many videos on microdermabrasion and like that it was quick, pretty inexpensive, and painless.

I went in and had a consultation right before my appointment. I told Lauren that my skin concerns were acne, uneven skin texture, and that my skin type was combination. She explained to me what microdermabrasion was and told me about some other options I could consider. I decided to stick with microdermabrasion but was glad that she told me about all of the treatments available for my skin concerns. She suggested micro needling as a good and more long term option for acne, acne scars and for rejuvenating skin. She also told me about how dermaplaning removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin, allowing your skin to absorb more product and your face to be rid of that dry skin layer.

She explained that the microdermabrasion would take off my layer of dead skin and basically “suck out” any impurities on the upper level of my skin. She also explained that this would not just be a “cure-all” for my acne. My acne was deeper than the surface, she explained, so I would need to use continual treatment on my acne every night because one microdermabrasion would not get rid of it.

The microdermabrasion process did not take as long as I had thought it would. It was actually very relaxing. My face was first cleansed, then Lauren used a tool to begin sort of “vacuuming” my dead skin cells and the top layer impurities out of my skin. I can’t remember exactly how long this process took, but I believe it was around a half hour to an hour. The process was not painful at all and the only thing I felt was a slight suction. Lauren used the tool over my whole face.

After the process, my skin felt somewhat dry because my very top dry layer of skin had been removed. But this was just because it had just been taken off. After moisturizing, my skin had a glow to it. It also felt very soft. All of the dead skin on my face was gone. This process did not remove my acne but cleared the dead skin on the top level of my skin, allowing me to use acne treatments that would now penetrate better.

There was no recovery involved in the microdermabrasion process. I simply walked out of Juvly Aesthetics and went home like normal, not having to stay out of sunlight or anything like that.

My skin seemed to absorb more product and looked more hydrated. My skin texture was more evened out and smooth. Although there were many benefits to getting microdermabrasion done, it did not help my acne very much. My problem areas still remained problem areas and my breakouts did not decrease.

If someone is looking for something that will be a short term fix for dry, dull skin, this is the treatment for you. This treatment will not cure acne or have long term effects, but is great for a quick fix and could be great long term if you keep getting microdermabrasion treatment’s regularly.



Lauren Coffman

Columbus, Ohio

Juvly Aesthetics - Columbus, Ohio

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