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Areola reduction


Performed 2016

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I had never been bothered by the size of my areolas until my then boyfriend pointed out that I had large areolas. I knew I had large breasts and had considered breast reduction surgery but my areolas were the least of my concerns. I had, however, researched breast reduction surgery and had read many online reviews of patients who had their areola reduction surgery done at the same time as their breast reduction.

From the moment my boyfriend pointed out my areolas, I was hyperaware of them but didn't seriously consider doing anything about it. I really wanted a breast reduction though, but was too afraid to get one.

My breaking point came when I was dating a new guy, was wearing a new bathing suit I had bought for our vacation in Miami and while we were walking on the beach he pointed out that I had 'a large nipple size.' He meant areolas but was an idiot. That was it I said to myself. I needed to have at least an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon who could help me.

I consulted with a plastic surgeon in my area and he told me that my areolas could be reduced in his office under local anesthesia and it would take about 30-40 minutes per breast. The cost of my areola reduction surgery would be $3500, all of which was out-of-pocket. My insurance company would not cover cosmetic surgery (I don't think anyone's insurance does). I agreed to it and set my surgery date. 

On the day of my procedure, I didn't have to to make any special pre-surgical preparations. When I arrived in my doctor's office, after filling out some standard consent forms, I was given a gown to change into. The gown opened in the front, so the doctor would have easy access to my breasts. He then drew two concentric rings on my areolas - one along the edge of my current areolas and one where he wanted the border of my new areolas to be. He then numbed my areola region with a long needle. Then he used a circular cutting tool to remove the area between the two rings he had drawn out. The skin in that area was peeled away and the two rings were sutured together with permanent stitches that were removed a week later. And that was it. The whole procedure took a little more than an hour to complete.

During the the entire procedure I did not feel any pain. I felt a little bit of tugging when my skin was being sutured, but I was never uncomfortable. For a surgical procedure, it was very easy and went off without a hitch. A visit to the dentist would probably hurt more than this did.

My recovery time was a breeze. I returned to work the following day after my procedure. I only had a little swelling and a tiny bit of bruising - both went away within a week. And as mentioned above, I returned a week after my procedure to have my permanent sutures removed. Over the next 6 months, my scars continued to fade and now no one would notice them.

I am happy I had areola reduction surgery. I have more self-confidence to show off my body and no longer worry about the guy I'm dating making fun of them. I even bought a few new revealing bathing suits to feel better about myself. If you're considering having this surgery, don't wait as long as I did. It was a very simple procedure and you should not be scared of having it.

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Who was your doc?! Looks great!