Revision Labiaplasty Went Much Better Than My First Surgery

H8Gravity Patient gender: Female Patient age: 40 Location: Atlanta, GA Cost: $6,200

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Performed 2016

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You get what you pay for! I had two labiaplasties performed. The first labiaplasty I had done was performed in 2015 by a plastic surgeon in Texas. He used the 'wedge technique' and left me butchered. My labia minora was left looking like a butterfly's wings and had too much excess skin in an awkward shape. It was very depressing and I had self-esteem problems when I was with my husband. I felt like I couldn't wear tight pants because I felt like people would able to see my vagina through them. I also had some issues with infections 'down there' because of my first surgery.

I knew that I did not want to live life with the results of my first labiaplasty surgery. I also realized that I couldn't afford to make the same mistake twice and did an extensive amount of research to find the right doctor. For my second labiaplasty procedure, I went to Dr. John Miklos in Atlanta. Dr. Miklos is a urological gynecologist and told me he had been doing labiaplasties for more than 15 years. He was confident that the revision surgery would return my vagina to what I was looking for. My revision surgery would cost around $6200 and I financed it through a Care Credit payment plan.

My entire procedure was not very long and I was allowed to return home the same day. I will admit that it was a bit uncomfortable for the first few weeks after the procedure due to the bruising and swelling I had. I did have a small amount of pain and had some bleeding post-op too. The bleeding was not as bad as a period, so it was bearable. I was able to return to work 2 days after my procedure. I would suggest taking some time off from work to relax while you're recovering. I honestly expected the healing process from my second labiaplasty to be much worse than it actually was.

I am happy I had a second surgery. My purse is lighter than it used to be but I am much happier with my body. The results of my procedure were day and night compared to what my first labiaplasty looked like. I now feel very comfortable in tight pants, bathing suits and I'm not afraid to get changed in front of my husband anymore. The sensation I have down below feels about the same as it did before surgery. Sex is better now though, which I had no idea would happen. I did this procedure for cosmetic reasons, not because I had sexual satisfaction issues, but improved sexual intercourse was an added bonus. My vaginal lips now look like they did when I was a young woman! It's a big boost to my self-confidence.

Dr. John Miklos

Atlanta, GA

Miklos and Moore - Atlanta, GA

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