Rhinoplasty Review: 17 years old, Bump on Nose, Found a Great Doctor in Mexico

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Rhinoplasty Review: 17 years old, Bump on Nose, Found a Great Doctor in Mexico - review image.
Rhinoplasty Review: 17 years old, Bump on Nose, Found a Great Doctor in Mexico - review image.
Rhinoplasty Review: 17 years old, Bump on Nose, Found a Great Doctor in Mexico - review image.

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Nose job


Performed 2015

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My name is Giselle Guerra, I'm 17 and live in Dallas, Texas. This is my experience getting a rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job.

I knew I wasn’t very content with the way my nose looked since the age of 9. It was my biggest insecurity. I had a bump on my nose, which made it look like I had a broken nose and I hated it. It was all I noticed in pictures and videos. Simply talking to others was difficult for me because I always thought all their attention was on my nose. The insecurity with my nose not only affected me internally, but affected my social interacting skills as well. I talked with my mother many times about this insecurity and she noticed how much it affected me every day. I really wanted a different nose, one that I felt didn't detract from the rest of my face. When I was 16 years old, a healthy age for females to have this procedure, I talked with her again about wanting plastic surgery on my nose. She was not surprised at this point and she completely supported my decision to have a rhinoplasty because she felt like it would make me more confident. She was right.

We began researching doctors right away. We looked in our area, Dallas, Texas, and we looked at doctors who were located a few hours away. This process took about 3 months. I wanted to make sure I found a great rhinoplasty surgeon, who had great before and afters. We knew that this research was essential and very important so we took it very seriously. One idea we had was to research doctors that were in Mexico as well. We own a house in Mexico and we visit all the time. We found many great reviews for Mexican doctors. We looked at their online profiles, credentials, and reviews. I found one potential doctor named Dr. Marcos Fahme, a plastic surgeon. We booked a consultation with him and another doctor for more options. We traveled to Mexico for these consultations. Right off the bat, the second doctor told me all the changes he wanted to make with my nose. He wanted to transform it completely, and showed me what he had in mind using computer imaging. I did not want to completely transform my nose. He also seemed rushed and did not personalize the consultation to my needs. The next day we had the consultation with Dr. Marcos Fhame. I felt very comfortable with him and he seemed caring and professional. He showed us his past work and I knew almost instantly, that I wanted him as my doctor. His results all looked so natural. It was a very bizarre feeling, just knowing that I would be in good hands with him even though we just met, but I truly believe the first impression matters. He didn’t want to transform my nose, he wanted to simply remove the bump on it and keep my natural features balanced, which is exactly what I wanted. He told us how much the surgery would cost, which was a lot less than in the United States. Although, it does end up being more since this will be an international surgery and we had to keep transportation, check-ups, and lodging costs in mind. Our doctor practices in the Hospital Los Angeles in Monterrey, Mexico, which is also where my surgery would take place.

We booked my surgery day a few months in advance. I had waited such a long time for this moment and it was finally almost near. Right after school ended and Summer vacation began we traveled right back to Mexico. It was the day before my surgery and I was very nervous but excited. I’ve never had surgery before so I was a bit scared. We woke up around 6 am for my surgery. We booked a hotel right next to our hospital just to make transportation easier. We walked inside the hospital and since all the paperwork was already taken care of it was a smooth experience. I was given a robe to put on and waited patiently on a bed with my parents and nurses. Everyone was very sweet and comforting. My doctor even visited before my surgery to check if I was doing well. My heart was beating fast but I knew I had to remain calm and stay confident in my doctor. It was time for me to be wheeled inside the operating room. I said my goodbyes to my parents and off I went. I was then given general anesthesia through a small tube on my hand and within seconds I was asleep. The next thing I remember was waking up.

I woke up so peacefully in a dark room with curtains. I did not feel pain at all. My surgery was over. Within an hour, I was out of that room, back in my clothes, given food and water, visited by my doctor, and wheeled down to our car to head back to the hotel room. Once again, I did not feel pain what so ever. It was an incredible feeling knowing that something I’ve wanting for years is finally done and over with. The following week my face was extremely puffy. I was given medication to control swelling and help the healing process. By the end of the week, we went back to the hospital where my doctor took off the cast and I saw more closely my results. I was in awe; I loved it so much. It was exactly what my doctor and I discussed. Within the first week my face was back to normal and I looked completely healed. I could wear makeup again but was told to avoid wearing sunglasses since my nose was still healing. I was also given specific massaging directions for my nose to help with healing. After the second week, we left Mexico and I was ready to head home and show everyone.

Prior to surgery, I had feared that I would need a revision rhinoplasty, if my primary rhinoplasty didn't look as good as I had hoped, and I did not want a second surgery! One was enough. Fortunately for me, I did not have that issue. It’s almost been a year since my surgery and I am 17 now. I could not be happier with my new nose. I no longer feel insecure around others or dislike a picture due to my nose. My new nose looks great! It was one of the best decisions I have ever taken and I am glad my fears did not stop me. I really owe it all to the months of research, my amazing doctor, and supportive family. I have checkups every few months in Mexico and everything is still looking great. I had no complications. I am so grateful for my experience and the happiest and most confident I have ever felt.

If you're strongly considering a rhinoplasty, I highly recommend getting one. It's not worth living your life hating a central feature on your face. Do your research, find a great doctor and good luck with everything!

UPDATE: I've been asked if insurance covers a rhinoplasty. The answer is that if your rhinoplasty is purely for cosmetic reasons, it does not. If you have a deviated septum and dislike the appearance of your nose, insurance will only cover the correction of your deviated septum and not the cosmetic portion of your surgery. However, if you combine both procedures, the cost of your anesthesia and some other surgical fees should be picked up by your insurance, reducing the price of your cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Marcos Fahme

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