Sculpsure Only Worth it if Cost Is Not a Factor

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Performed 2018

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My name is Bianca Jade, I'm 38 and I had a Sculpsure treatment of my banana rolls. 

Over the course of 6 months, in 2017, I received 3 treatments of Sculpsure to treat the area directly below my buttocks known as the “banana roll”. The best way to describe this area is the upper back thigh. I was unhappy with how it looked because I saw wavy lines and the beginning of the appearance of rolls. I asked my dermatologist if this was cellulite because at the time I was preparing to receive Cellfina. My derm said this was actually fat bulge, and that Sculpsure would work much better to drain the fat, reduce the waviness, and firm up the skin.

So I decided to give Sculpsure a try (after recovering from Cellfina, which works wonders on cellulite). Sculpsure is a 1060 mm diode laser and the only FDA cleared laser to treat fat. I felt safe trying it for this reason .and because it doesn’t cause nerve pain or discomfort afterward

The experience of getting Sculpsure is a piece of cake. For my treatment area, all I had to do was lay on my stomach with the attachments secured tightly around my back thighs. The laser machine was then connected to the attachments. The sensation of the treatment is waves of cool and hot temperatures but nothing too extreme where I ever felt uncomfortable. I took a nap during each of my 3 treatments, which lasted for about 30 minutes each.

My results from Sculpsure can be hard to see because they’re so minimal. You can see from my pictures that the areas below my cheeks became a bit smoother and less wavy but not by much. Where I really see my skin looking the best is from the side view. The smoothness is most obvious here but the change was by no means drastic.

I was told that results are slow to appear and can take up to 2-3 months to be seen. This is because it actually takes 2-3 months for the inflamed fat to be absorbed by the body. My 3 treatments were spaced out 6-8 weeks apart.  I decided to do the 3rd treatment because I was struggling to see the results after just 2 treatments. I don’t regret getting Sculpsure because I do think it helped a little, but for someone who doesn’t want to spend $1,000-1,500 per treatment, I can’t fully recommend that it’s the best option. My decision to get Sculpsure was based on the fact that I was getting Cellfina done and figured I might as well do both to make my backside look as smooth as possible.

I am satisfied with my results but of course would’ve liked to have seen the area reduce in size and tighten more. I recommend this procedure for someone who doesn’t want anything invasive, painful and is mostly looking for a “touch-up” or spot treatment.

For Sculpsure, I saw my dermatologist Dr. Deanne Robinson from Connecticut Dermatology Group. She’s a wonderful doctor and explained the treatment thoroughly to me. I have seen her for other treatments as well and was pleased.