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My name is Jamie Nadine, and I have recently received a Chemical Peel Procedure at Massage Envy Spa in Fort Wayne, IN, for $100. They recently launched their Chemical Peel and Microderm Treatments to provide more clinical services to their clients! I am 21 years young, and have been dealing with combination skin all of my life. My struggle is that some days I’m extremely oily, and then some days I am extremely dry. I almost always looked shiny or completely dull. I also had a couple of dark blemishes that I was very self-conscious about. Plus, I felt my current facial care regimen could use tweaking.

Knowing the frustrations I had with my skin, an esthetician recommended I get a chemical peel to help renew the skin cells on my face as well as even out my skin tone and improve my overall skin health. Chemical peels are said to improve and even prevent most facial concerns like aging, uneven skin tones, acne and rosacea. The most common misconceptions of a chemical peel treatment are that it makes your skin hurt, leaves you red and puffy, or leaves you peeling for days. However, with the chemical peels at Massage Envy provided by PCA Skin (Physicians Care Alliance), are formulated with unique ingredients that work well with your skin, and all skin types for that matter to provide a more comfortable experience. PCA Chemical Peels encourage gentle sloughing of the dead skin cell layer, that opens the skin's pores and essentially allows it to “breathe” for more maximum product absorption, which will produce the desired results/ goals faster and more effectively than facials and at home care products.

Also, rather than leaving you red and puffy, the treatment leaves you with a healthy looking youthful glow with minimal downtime! And as for excessive peeling for days, that is also a myth! These peels are designed to aim to achieve your goals and skin needs, slight peeling is a normal side effect, which could happen after receiving a chemical peel treatment, it just all depends on your skin, because everyone’s skin is different. And even if you peel, it’s likely that with the products given to use after the procedure, will help minimize the flaking in no time!

Before the treatment:

My esthetician reviewed my intake form, taking note of any medications I was on, any sensitivities, allergies, recent procedures, skin care goals and concerns. This pre-procedure preparation takes about 15-20 minutes, because they move on to going over the consent forms and contraindications that may or may not hinder me from receiving the service. They will go over the Chemical Peel chart to explain the importance of maintaining a neutral body temperature to avoid sweating, avoiding direct sunlight, and a little bit of post procedure care.


During the treatment:

They begin the process of renewing your skin cells by applying the necessary products to chemically exfoliate the dead skin cells. During this time, a couple of the products, upon application, do give a mildly tingling sensation, but the esthetician uses a hand fan to reduce the discomfort. It usually just takes a couple of seconds of fanning to go back to feeling more comfortable. And throughout the session, the esthetician will always ask to make sure you remain comfortable and will continue to fan you if need be.


After the Procedure is finished:

The Esthetician reminded me that I still had active products on my face and that for 24- 72 hours, I should refrain from working out and being in direct sunlight to prevent a rise in body temperature and reactivation of the products, which would not feel the best if reactivated! They then went over the Post Procedure Kit with me. This kit was provided by my service provider, which included the products that I was required to use for the following 3-7 days. They mentioned that makeup could be applied after 15-20mins, but it is not recommended. Flaking or peeling of the skin could happen, but not for another 24 hours.

I can honestly say that this procedure has really opened my eyes to what my skin can feel and look like. I had achieved most of my skin care goals with just one peel and a consistent skin care regimen. I constantly see that same glow from after my peel, each time I was my face and have never felt so beautiful in my own skin. I really enjoyed my chemical peel experience and would recommend getting a peel to anyone struggling to reach their facial goals or to anyone currently looking to get a chemical peel! I would also like to mention that the chemical peels provided at Massage Envy are geared to fit ALL SKIN TYPES! However, speak with your local Esthetician to see if a chemical peel treatment is for you!

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