Septoplasty Surgery to Improve My Nasal Drip

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Performed 2017

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My name is Kailey Anderson, I am 18 years old, I live in Darien, CT and the doctor who performed my septoplasty was Dr. Thomas Vris (ENT).

In June of 2017, I attended Pride in New York City as an ally with a few of my friends. It was a fun, happy day, with a lot of screaming involved! Over the next couple of days, working with my sore throat as a camp counselor, I rapidly lost my voice and suddenly discovered that I could not even sing a full scale. I thought that an allergy was causing a nasal drip and I tried nasal sprays to improve my sore throat and air flow, but these treatments did not work. I decided to visit an ENT.

I found Dr. Vris after searching for a few doctors in the area to investigate my throat, because I believed that I had vocal nodules, a bump on the vocal chords that rises with overuse. I went to Dr. Vris' office, and he was very kind and extremely helpful. He first looked at my throat and discovered that I did have a small, developing vocal nodule, and he placed me immediately on steroids, as well as vocal rest and vocal relief spray. But, he looked at my nose and discovered that I had a deviated septum, blocking part of my airway on my left nostril. He said that I could get septoplasty surgery to correct it, and also prevent nasal drip in the future. I decided that I should do it now, before the beginning of my senior year and also to help my breathing and singing patterns, as I am a performer. The surgery was not a cosmetic rhinoplasty, but I did notice that my nose looked “fuller” on one side than the other, as the septum was kind of giving me a crooked nose, pushing one side of my nose outward. The surgery was all inside my nose and did not leave me with any external scars.

I booked the surgery for a month after my initial meeting with Dr. Vris in July; after I got home from being away for a month my surgery would be in August. It was not in a hospital, but a surgical center in Norwalk. I went at around 7 am or so, and he told me that the surgery would only last about 30 to 45 minutes. I walked in and talked to Dr. Vris for a bit, then got ready to do some pre-evaluations. I was asked a series of questions by some nurses about my health, as a part of their protocol, and was also given the initial IV before my surgical procedure began. All of the nurses were so incredibly helpful and relaxed, as I was freaking out quite a bit! I felt like I was in good hands and this made me more comfortable.

Once it was time for surgery, my mom (who drove with me), left and I was taken to the surgery room. I laid down on the table and I was told that they would be putting the anesthetic through the IV and that I would fall asleep really soon. I closed my eyes and I could feel the anesthesia flow up my arm and to my head and then I fell asleep - a pretty wacky feeling!

I began to wake up, falling in and out of sleep for a bit. I continually asked for my nurse, Michael, who I had only seen for a few minutes before the surgery - I was quite loopy. My teeth hurt, which I didn't expect; because the septum was connected to the base of the gums I could feel some tense muscles and some pain there, but more of an ache/itch than a pain. I was given some apple juice and Goldfish crackers to increase my blood sugar, and also help my throat, which had healed by the time I had the surgery but still hurt a bit from the air tubes during the surgery. After getting all of the supplies I needed - gauze, tape, medicine, etc. - I went home! I was out by around 9:30. I laid in bed, falling in and out of sleep and also watching some TV while recovering. I replaced my gauze as needed, and I was told to also mist saline rinse up my nose to keep the stitches moist. It was minimal work to heal; I didn't have to take the intense painkillers after two days. I have a very small amount of bruising on the tip of my nose and some swelling made my nose thicker. I was able to be back out with my friends after two days, as well (but I did have to bring tissues with me in case my nose started running). 5 days later, I could put on makeup and be out and about, just like normal!

The surgery was overall a very pleasant and calm experience. Not once did I ever feel nervous (except for the needles with the IV!) and I really trusted all of the incredible nurses that were working with me that day. I no longer feel like I have a nasal obstruction blocking my airflow and don't have any breathing issues. I had a speed recovery and would suggest septum surgery to any individual who has similar issues that I did.

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