Smile Direct Club Didn't Work For Me

LilianR Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Cost: $1,850

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Smile Direct Club


Performed 2018

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At first I was very happy with Smile Direct Club. It seemed like an easier, cheaper and more convient way to fix my crooked teeth. Jump ahead 4 months and my teeth have not straightened out like I had hoped. I’m still left with my biggest dental issue — a crooked tooth at the top of my mouth. Here’s my takeaways on my Smile Direct treatment:

  1. The aligners weren’t comfortable. I had to rasp every set down to make them comfortable. They kept digging into my gums. On the positive side, my gums never bled like some reviewers have mentioned.
  2. One set of my aligners were lost in the mail and I had to chase customer support to get another set. This left a gap in my treatment plan and I was so mad about this. I felt like my teeth were getting more crooked each day I didn’t have my new aligners. 
  3. The Smile Direct aligners are much cheaper than Invisalign, which is a positive ($1850 vs. $5000-7000), but I have to wonder if I got what I paid for. I’ve rarely heard of an Invisalign treatment going wrong under the supervision of a trained orthodontist.
  4. I don’t have perfect teeth now that I’ve completed my treatment. I guess my only option is Invisalign, which means I pretty much wasted $1850.

I know of others who have had success with Smile Direct, so I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else, but it didn’t work as hoped for me. Go with them at your own discretion!

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