Smile Direct Club Experience - Worth it With a Video of My Experience!

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After Smile Direct Treatment 1 - Smile Direct Club Experience - Worth it With a Video of My Experience!  - review image.
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Before Smile Direct Treatment 1 - Smile Direct Club Experience - Worth it With a Video of My Experience!  - review image.
Before Smile Direct Treatment 2 - Smile Direct Club Experience - Worth it With a Video of My Experience!  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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My experience with Smile Direct Club has been nothing short of amazing. I was skeptical at first about a orthodontic treatment that circumvented dental professionals and went through the mail/online. I was nervous that there was no way a good treatment plan to fix my teeth could be done without an orthodontist/dentist doing it. I thought about doing Smile Direct for about a year before taking the first step. I finally decided to order the impression kit and see if I even qualified for the aligners. After sending in my impressions, it took about 2-3 weeks until I heard via email that I qualified for aligners for my top teeth. It would take 16 different aligners and I would have to wear them 2 weeks at a time until my teeth were straightened. I decided to go forth with the treatment and started paying $99 a month. The do offer two payment options: You can choose a monthly payment or you can pay the full amount up-front. The price is $95 a month for 2 years or $1850 up front. When I did it, it was around the holidays and they were running a special coupon code offering $250 off $1735, so I jumped at the opportunity. As a side note, for anyone interested in doing Smile Direct, I've noticed their prices keep rising as they get more popular, so it would be best to contact them and start as soon as you're ready.

After I ordered my aligners, I think it took about a month to receive the first ones. They are 3D printed according to the impressions in the evaluation kit. I received 3 invisible aligners in my first box, along with a case for the aligners, a teeth whitening kit, a nail filer to grind any rough edges, an extractor tool, chewies to help set the trays, and a guide. You receive a few aligners every few months so that you always have the next one available and ready to go. When I put my first aligner in, it hurt so bad! I was afraid it would hurt like that the whole 32 weeks I'd be wearing them. My teeth were really moving and I could feel it. I had to use the filing tool on my first aligner because it was rough around the back molars. I haven't had to use it for any others though. That first week was the most uncomfortable and hardest. My teeth hurt and I could feel some serious tooth movement happening. I could also only eat soft food during my first weak of treatment. Once I got past that first week, it only got easier. During the end of each 2 weeks, the aligners don't hurt and you'll barely notice they are there. The aligners never hurt as bad as they did after the first one. Every two weeks got better and better, with less pain. Of course, the first few days after starting a new aligner were uncomfortable because that is when they move the teeth the most. If anything, it is just about getting used to having a piece of plastic in your mouth all the time but you do get used to it.

I am currently three aligners away from completing my treatment. It is amazing how much my teeth have moved! My main problem was my two front teeth pointing inwards and the teeth directly besides those being twisted. Now, my two front teeth are almost completely straight and corrected and the others are almost in line. If you are worried about people noticing the aligners when you wear them, you shouldn't. They are very much unlike the clearly clunky traditional braces you may have had as a kid. Smile Direct only uses clear aligners. I wore mine while at work, out with friends, and pretty much everywhere else and no one noticed until I told them. The only somewhat noticeable aspect of them is that I get a little lisp whenever I put a new aligner in for the first few days.

If there was one piece of advice I could give you, it would be to start straightening your teeth now! Do not live with crooked teeth because you fear wearing metal braces. If you are reading this , then chances are that you are reading Smile Direct Club reviews and contemplating starting the treatment. I wish I would have started sooner for two reasons -- to have straighter teeth sooner and to get them when the prices were lower. Overall, my experience has been very pleasant and I have no complaints. The entire process has gone very smoothly. The customer service at Smile Direct Club is great. Their office is located in Nashville, Tennessee and I feelt like the support has some of that 'southern charm.' Whenever I've had a question, I would just send them an email and they would quickly respond. Their support line also picks up my phone calls pretty quickly. I'm so amazed at how straight my teeth are now. I am no longer self-conscious about my smile and I don't hide it. I'm proud to show off my new smile and straight teeth! I am happy I went with Smile Direct Club and not a local orthodontist, as this treatment was much cheaper and more convenient. I would recommend Smile Direct Club to anyone who has bad teeth and is looking for perfectly straight teeth they can be happy about. 

I've included a video that describes my experience my aligners so far. Enjoy!

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