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Performed 2018

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A little background on my self, I did have traditional braces as a tween and young teen. As I grew older and into college my teeth started shifting, especially my lower teeth. During college I got my wisdom teeth pulled and my dentist did mention that I should look into some sort of orthodontic treatment or I might have issues as I got older. Well anyway time continued to go by without me fixing my teeth and I pretty much put it on the back burner.

Then I saw an ad on Instagram for Smile Direct Club and I decided this could be perfect for me. I also want to get the HiSmile whitening but I am going to do that after I get straighter teeth. I received the impression kit in the mail around 10 days after ordering it and opening it right away. I was a little confused how I was supposed to do it so I did call customer service but after a short tutorial and also their instruction to follow the directions included made it easy.

I sent in the at home impression kit to Smile Direct Club and am waiting anxiously to receive my custom treatment plan. A friend of mine recently did Invisalign and had spectacular results, however she ended up going to a dentist to get it done. I told myself that I was going to do that as well but my schedule has been very busy recently so I never got the chance make an appointment. When I saw the ad on Instagram, I figured that I should just act on the opportunity then or I would never do it. I never had heard about SDC before, but from what I have read now online, there are starting to be a lot more invisible aligner companies out there.

The impression kit cost me around $100 and there are options to pay for Smile Direct Club with a monthly payment plan. This is what I will do because it makes it easy to budget. I live at home with my parents so I don't yet pay rent so I am figuring I can easily include this into my monthly budget. If you do not want to do everything on your own at home you can schedule an appointment in a smileshop which are Smile Direct Club "shops" where you can speak to an education staff member and they have licensed dental professionals there as well. I believe they also include a 3d scan for your initial tooth assessment.

Like explained about, I opted for the at home impression kit and I am now waiting for my treatment plan and my invisible aligners. My expectations are pretty much just to give me a new smile that I am proud to show off. I am not expecting a miracle because I am a little skeptical about how pieces of plastic can actually mold your teeth. Since I in no way will be getting metal braces, I am just hoping that ny new aligners will straighten my teeth enough to feel more confident.

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