Smile Direct Club Straightened My Teeth!

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Smile Direct Club

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I saw an advertisement for a teeth straightening company called Smile Direct Club, so I immediately went to the internet to see what it was. I have had crooked teeth my entire life and this seemed like an affordable way for me to try and straighten them. My parents never had enough money for me to get traditional braces so my teeth ended up growing in pretty crooked.

I got my wisdom teeth out a year and a half ago and the dentist joked with me saying my teeth could use some straightening out. Of course being a 35 year old man I had no interest in walking around with a mouth full of metal, so this was another reason that Smile Direct seemed like a great option for me.

When I was doing my research I read a lot about Invisalign and how it compared to Smile Direct. From what I gathered, they were pretty much the same exact thing except Smile Direct was cheaper and offered a nice payment plan that I ended up going on (~$85/mo). I also read that I would have to go to a dentist in order to get Invisalign and for Smile Direct I could do it right from my house. My decision was made, I was going to do this treatment plan.

First I had to pay about $100 for an impression kit so they could make sure I was a good candidate for the procedure and also to make my clear aligners. I returned my dental impressions to Smile Direct. I found out that I would be able to use Smile Direct and in about 2 weeks they sent me my aligners.

Usually they say it will be a 3 to 10 month treatment depending on how crooked your teeth are. They sent me 20 aligners and it was going to be around a 10 month treatment for me. I was supposed to use each aligner for a 2-3 week period depending on how it felt on my teeth.

When I put the first one in it was super snug and my teeth felt a weird sensation. My lower teeth are more crooked than my upper teeth so I could really feel a lot of pressure in my front two bottom teeth. When I would take my invisible aligners out to eat my teeth would be very sore. I did have to take Advil the first couple days. I was popping them in and out a lot too because I wasn't used to having these cases on my teeth.

I did have a bit of a lisp and got a couple canker sores in the beginning. It was quite a different feeling having to walk around with these in my mouth but I did get used to them and of course it beats walking around with a mouth full of metal as an adult.

In the middle of each new aligner, my teeth would begin to become adapted to them and I would see my teeth straightening each day. I was super excited because I was doing all of this on my own and without a licensed dental professional.

Each new set moved me closer to my new smile and straight teeth. There were a few times where I took out my aligners and forgot to put them back in for the day. I couldn't believe how much my teeth would shift just from having them out for 10 or so hours. It was actually quite fascinating.

Anyway I continued on my journey and got through my 10 months with no real hiccups. It made my teeth straight and also helped with my overbite. My last set of aligners I now use as a retainer and use them every night when I go to sleep. This helps my teeth stay straight because as I mentioned before they do tend to move around a bit.

All in all I am ecstatic with my straighter teeth. I am so happy that I did this on my own and didn't have to go to a dentist or local orthodontist. There is nothing I hate more than office visits and sitting in the waiting room. Also, the payment plan was very helpful because I was able to add the small monthly cost into my budget and get the procedure right away instead of having to save up.

Anyone who is has been looking for an easy way to straighten their teeth as an adult I highly recommend Smile Direct Club!