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Performed 2017

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My story sounds similar to some of the reviews I've read on here. When I was younger, I had the traditional metal braces that looked awful. Fortunately I was young and everyone else had braces, so it didn't bother me much. I was like 10 years old then and now I'm 25. Having those ugly metal braces again was not an option for me. I was not going to be seen wearing those things at work, especially not with clear aligners being available. 

My first stop to getting clear aligners was meeting with my old orthodontist, the same one who did my metal braces 15 years ago. He's still practicing and going on strong. He told me my only option was Invisalign, which would likely run me $5,500-6,500. I thanks him for his time and went home, thinking there was no way I was going to pay that much for plastic trays. I was going to live with crooked teeth either and so I turned to Google. It didn't take long to find SmileDirectClub, a far cheeaper alternative. 

SmileDirectClub is basically Invisalign from home without the need to visit an orthodontist every month. It's also way cheaper than Invisalign. I ended up paying $1700 upfront for it. They do offer financing options to pay for your treatment over time, but it's more expensive than if you pay it upfront. I had the money and didn't want a monthly payment over my head. 

To get my SmileDirect aligners, I had to make molds of my teeth using this clay they send you. You send it back and a few weeks later, you get your first trays in the mail. Some of the trays fit a bit weird at first and are tight but you can file them down to make them more comfortable. 

I've worn my aligners for over a year now and my teeth are pretty much perfectly straight. I still have a few aligners left and will need a retainer following my treatment but I'm okay with that. 

My experience with SmileDirectClub has been nothing but positive. I work all the time and would have never been able to visit an orthodontist at least once a month. SmileDirect was cheaper, more convient and delivered the results I was looking for. If you have crooked teeth, go with SmileDirect. 

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