SmileDirectClub Made a Huge Difference For My Teeth and My Before/After Pics Show it

RocioM 29
After SmileDirectClub - SmileDirectClub Made a Huge Difference For My Teeth and My Before/After Pics Show it - review image.
After SmileDirectClub 2 - SmileDirectClub Made a Huge Difference For My Teeth and My Before/After Pics Show it - review image.
Before SmileDirectClub - SmileDirectClub Made a Huge Difference For My Teeth and My Before/After Pics Show it - review image.
Before SmileDirectClub - SmileDirectClub Made a Huge Difference For My Teeth and My Before/After Pics Show it - review image.

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Smile Direct Club

Performed 2016

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My name is Rocio and I'm 29 years old from New York City. I recently finished my finals trays of aligners with Smile Direct Club! I really could not be the happier with my end results!! As a little girl, my teeth went through many changes. At first I had a gap between my two front teeth which I loved. My father had the same gap and, being a daddy's princess, I loved sharing a similarity with him. However, as I grew up my gap closed and my teeth continued to shift more and more. 

In elementary school, it seemed like the 'cool' thing to have braces. All my friends had them and I begged my mom for them as well. Unfortunately, traditional braces are very expensive and my medical insurance did not cover them as it is considered a cosmetic procedure and not a necessity. My mom couldn't afford them and would not budge no matter how many kids in my school had braces.

As I got older my teeth continued to shift. My top teeth weren't that bad but my bottom teeth had very bad crowding. My front-center 6 bottom teeth looked like a jigsaw puzzle with one in front and its immediate neighbor behind all the way across. The price point always stopped me from getting traditional braces and I had pretty much accepted the fact that I would have crooked teeth forever. I would always think about 'when I get married' and how bad my teeth would look in photos. I continued to smile because I'm just a naturally smiley and happy person but I was always cognizant of how they looked.

When I began making YouTube video and transitioned into it being a full-time job I noticed it even more. I would get many comments about how crooked my teeth were - as if I didn't already know this! I was fortunate enough to be approached by Smile Direct Club for a possible collaboration along my social media platforms. I did extensive research on the company and many points stuck out to me. They provide actual licensed dentist to everyone’s case so that you can be sure your treatment plan will be tailored to your mouth and your specific needs. I also like the fact that everything could be done comfortably from home. I was also very fortunate to receive my treatment at no cost in exchange for documenting my journey via videos on my social platforms.

I went ahead and created my impressions with the at home impression kit which was easy to use. I had a few bumps in the road at the beginning because my impressions showed that my bottom jaw was very small and my wisdom teeth took up much of the space in the back of my mouth. That explained the crowding! As my wisdom teeth grew in there was no extra space for my teeth to go so they just shifted and crowded onto (on top of, behind, and in front) of each other. It was a mess! Due to that I had to have my wisdom teeth removed first before beginning the aligners. Smile Direct Club was very informative and helpful with the whole process. I went to my dentist and scheduled my appointments and had both wisdom teeth removed. My top wisdom teeth caused no problems as there was enough space so those stayed. Every person and case is different and Smile Direct really personalizes the entire treatment to get you the best results.

Once that was handled I began my aligners. It was cool because I received a 3D photo of my teeth before and projected after photos. My treatment plan was set for 7 months. Each month came with 3 different set of trays. Trays 1 would be used for the first week, tray 2 for the second week and tray 3 for weeks 3 and 4 of the month before moving on to the next month of trays. I was expecting some discomfort so I made sure to take some Advil the first 2 or 3 days that I began my aligners. There was some pressure but I quickly got accustomed to the feeling and didn't have any major issues. The straightening process was gradual and gentle. I was told to leave my aligners in for about 21 hours a day, basically only removing them while eating.

I just finished up my last week and received my retainers. The retainers are very similar to the aligners except they are made from a slightly thicker and stronger material. They last about 6 months and then you should change them for hygienic reasons. I must wear my retainers for the same number of hours as my aligners for the first two weeks. After that I can just use them over night while I sleep to keep my teeth from shifting and keep them in their new place. I can go out into the world all day with my new straight teeth. I'm extremely happy with the results!

The best part was seeing the YouTube comments change over time. As soon as month 3 I was already seeing comments that people were noticing a change. I didn't notice it myself because we look at ourselves every day so it’s difficult to see subtle changes. When I started seeing these comments I checked old videos and photos and that's when I noticed the difference. Today there is a huge difference from day 1 to now and I couldn't be more excited. Now I dream about my wedding day and my straight smile - one day! In the meantime, I'm smiling even more and very happy to show off my teeth. I tell my mom constantly, "Look mom! They're so different, it's crazy, can you notice it!!". I think she's tired of me asking her already, haha.

My before "photo" is a still frame screen shot from an older video of mine. I always tried to hide my bottom teeth in pictures by smiling a certain way, but when I talk there was no hiding it. You can see just how twisted and crowded they were in that still frame. 


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