SmileDirectClub Sure Beats Going to a Local Orthodontist and Spending $5k+ on Invisalign

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SmileDirectClub is great. I had a wonderful experience using their aligners. Like most people, I visited a local orthodontist because I had crooked teeth. The orthodontist I met with told me that I would need Invisalign for around $5000-5,500. A bit stunned at how expensive Invisalign was, I decided not to proceed. A few months later, a friend of mine told me they had a lot of success with SmileDirect and it was a fraction of the cost of Invisalign.

To investigate further, I took to the internet and spent a lot of time reading other people's reviews about SmileDirect. The overwhelming majority of them seemed to very positive. I decided to give a try and called their customer service in Nashville to get started. The first step of their treatment plan is to get an dental impression kit (Or visit a SmileShop, but there wasn't one near me.). I believe I paid around $99 for it.

The impression kit arrived in the mail a week or so later and I used it to make molds of my teeth, which I sent back to SmileDirectClub to find out if I was a suitable candidate for their aligners. Not long after sending my impressions back I found out I was a good candidate and was given two payment options for my aligners. $1850 upfront, or $90 a month. I paid for the entire amount upfront, because I had recently received a bonus at my job.

A few weeks after paying for my new aligners, I received the first set of a series of them in the mail. When I tried my first set of aligners, I could feel them digging into my gums a bit and I had to file them down a bit. I also had a slight lisp when I had my aligners in. It wasn't too noticeable though and it was something I didn't mind dealing with for a year to have straight teeth. A slight lisp was without a doubt better than wearing those ugly metal traditional braces.

Over the next year, I wore many different aligners. On occasion, I would skip an aligner because I didn't think I needed it. I felt like some aligners had such a small difference from the previous aligner, that it wasn't really any different. It was a bit annoying always having to wear aligners, only taking them out to eat and be cleaned, but I got used to it. Again, not so bad when you look at the alternative options to get straighter teeth.

I completed my SmileDirect treatment over a year ago and I am super happy with my new smile. My teeth are now perfect and I wear a retainer each night to maintain them. I am glad I went with SmileDirectClub. The things I like most about them are their invisible aligners sure beat conspicuous metal braces, their low cost versus Invisalign and the fact that I didn't have to waste time or money meeting with a dental professional. I honestly believe SmileDirect is the future of orthodontics and if I were an orthodontist, I would be very scared that in the future most patients will go with a solution like this vs. frequent visits to their offices. I mean seriously, who has time for frequent doctor office visits in the middle of the day and why spent $5k plus for something that the dentist outsources anyway. Oh and here's another piece of information I think you'll find interesting. SmileDirectClub and Invisalign are manufactured by the same company, Align Technologies! Look it up if you don't believe me.

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