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Performed 2016

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I am 35 years old and my teeth have definitely shifted a lot over the past 5 years. Even my dentist mentioned to me when I went in for a cleaning that my teeth have changed a lot over the past few years. He showed me an X-ray of what my teeth looked like in 2011 and now. This led me to start looking for a way to get straight teeth again. I am a teacher at a high school so I knew there was not a chance I could get by with metal braces. The kids would eat me alive. I asked my dentist what he knew about invisalign and he said he could take molds of my teeth and get the clear aligners for me.

This was the best solution for me because I would be able to wear them at school and even though you could tell if you are looking really closely, it would be harder for kids to notice. The treatment time for invisalign was going to be around 6-8 months depending on how my crooked teeth adapted to each new tray. Usually the wear time on each tray was 2 weeks before switching to the next tray.

It was actually pretty cool seeing my teeth shift. Every 2 weeks I was noticing them shift. Also, it was easy to tell that they were shifting because a tray that was very tight the first time I put it in started to not even feel like it was there.

Each new tray would cause me to be a bit uncomfortable for a day or so. I found myself always removing the new set and putting it back on because of the pressure on my teeth. I would usually take an Aleve or Advil to ease the pain a bit. Another unfortunate con about with these invisalign trays was having to brush my teeth after every meal. Since you take them out while you are eating, food can get stuck in between teeth and affect the fit on the aligner trays. When you are at home it is easy to brush your teeth but during the day at work its kind of a hassle

Anyone who is looking to straighten their teeth, I would highly recommend the invisalign treatment. As an adult it is so much easier to get clear braces like invisalign vs. traditional braces. In my opinion, if you can afford it its a no brainer!

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