Successful Breast Augmentation Took Me From a B Cup to Full C Cup. So Happy!

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After Breast Augmentation Surgery - Successful Breast Augmentation Took Me From a B Cup to Full C Cup. So Happy!  - review image.
Before Breast Augmentation Surgery - Successful Breast Augmentation Took Me From a B Cup to Full C Cup. So Happy!  - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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I had been contemplating getting a breast augmentation since my breasts started growing. I always had small boobs, and not the ideal perky shape we all dream of. I lost 50 lbs. and that deflated my breasts further. I never seriously thought about it until I had a friend who had a breast augmentation and I thought to myself, “I need that.” I was scared about the procedure all the way up to the day of my surgery, which was July 7th of this year. I knew it was going to be a serious step up from the small injection type stuff I had done in the past. This was an actual surgical procedure. I was scared and began asking myself a lot of questions. Were my breasts ever going to feel normal? Were they going to look normal? But I decided to take the jump and just do it. I used the same plastic surgeon as my friend, Dr. Brett Stompro in Danville.

At my first consultation with Dr. Stompro, he examined my breasts and told me I was a great candidate for breast augmentation surgery. We then discussed what breast size I wanted to be. Dr. Stompro suggested a big D cup, but I told him I wanted to be a big C cup (I was a small B cup) and he agreed. We also decided that silicone implants would give me the most natural looking results. Dr. Stompro then discussed the risks of surgery with me, but assured me that the risk of something actually happening were very small (Some risks included bleeding, infection, capsular contracture, etc.).

Before my surgery, I had a pre-op appointment and finalized my decision on implant size. I was also told what to expect before, during and after surgery. Then it was time to prepare for surgery!

On surgery day, I was so scared. I wanted to turn my car around and act like I didn’t just pay $8,000 for the procedure. But before I could do that, I was in the operating room being knocked out with anesthesia. Fast forward a few hours and I woke up in the recovery room. When I woke up, I had the strangest feeling. I can’t really explain it well, but it I would say it was very tight feeling. It wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable. This feeling made me not want to move and I felt like being picked up and carried around. I did not want to walk. It was like there was a weight sitting on my chest wall. I was in post-op recovery for around and hour and then I was allowed to go home. I had to wait for the grogginess to go away before they would let me leave. They obviously didn't want me to leave and hurt myself attempting to walk around when I was out of it.

I got my implants placed under the muscle, so my healing process was a little longer. (Placing the implants under the muscle is the preferred implant technique, because it helps prevent capsular contracture and gives your breast a more natural appearance). I felt very lightheaded mainly just from thinking about what had just happened to my body. Luckily my boyfriend was by my side the whole time.

During my recovery, I healed quite nicely. I had a little frankenboob going on - one breast was larger than the other, and I couldn’t stop freaking out about this but my doctor calmed me down and told me that it was normal. My scars looked good. My doctor used such a small incision, that I can barely see it, so that didn't bother me. It took me about 4 weeks to get back to normal and in those 4 weeks I could not do any heavy lifting or high intensity exercise.

Now that it's been a few months since I had my breast implants put in, I can honestly say that I love my new breasts! I am so happy I had this procedure done. Dr. Stompro was so right about my breast augmentation recovery - my breasts ended up looking nice and symmetrical (once the bruising and swelling went away completely). The only fear I have now, is that I plan on having kids in the next few years and I'm worried pregnancy will ruin my breasts. Either way, I have zero regrets and will go back to Dr. Stompro if I need to have a breast lift after pregnancy.

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Brett Stompro

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Brett E. Stompro, M.D. & Chester K. Cheng, M.D. - Livermore (California)

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