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Performed 2017

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My name is Danielle and I am from Sacramento, California. I am 21 years old and I have always hated that I have to use a ton of make-up to fill in my eyebrows each day. The worst thing was that I was very into fitness and I really hated having to put on make-up just to go to the gym. I started going at 5:30 am so I wouldn't run into anyone i know. They probably wouldn't even recognize me.

A girlfriend of mine recently had her eyebrows microbladed and couldn't stop raving about it. It is a procedure that basically tattoo's your eyebrows to fill in the spots to make it look like you have perfect eyebrows. It is in a sense permanent make up even though its technically semi-permanent. From hearing good things from her, and seeing her stunningly beautiful new brows I decided to schedule a consultation with the local medical spa to see if I would be a good candidate for the procedure. Even though I liked her results I was a little worried that I wouldn't get such a great natural look.

When I went in for my microblading initial appointment I met with the technician that would actually be doing my procedure. She was the same girl who did it for my girlfriend so I felt confident. However, I did ask to see more before and afters because not everyone has the same type of eyebrows. I asked the technician what I should expect from the procedure and she told me they would be applying numbing cream to my brows and making small incisions in the eyebrow area that mimic brow hairs. They then rub ink in the incisions so you are left with filled in brows. As you go through the healing process, the ink will remain and you will be left with "permanent make up."

It did seem scary to basically be getting an eyebrow tattoo. I have no tattoos on my body and am a scaredy cat when it comes to needles. Although my fears, I decided that this would be the right procedure for me and booked an appointment.

When I got there for the appointment the technician used a ruler type sticker and placed it over my eyebrows and stenciled in how she was planning to make my eyebrows look. After going back and forth with a few comments on how I wanted my new brows to match my face shape perfectly we began. Honestly, with the numbing cream I could barely feel anything was going on. It just felt like someone was lightly scraping my eyebrow area. She makes the scrapes to kind of blend in with my natural hair so it looks like real hair.

The microblading procedure only took about an hour and when she was done I was able to look in the mirror and could not believe my eyes. I had full beautiful eyebrows that I wouldn't even have when I put on real make up. The eyebrows do come out a bit darker than your natural hair, but that is because it will fade a bit during the healing process. While I was healing I did have scabs on my eyebrows. It is very important to not pick at the scabs. Let them heal naturally.

The next day when I woke up I was a little freaked out because of how dark my eyebrows were. I showed my mom and she told me that they looked very dark. I did a little research online just to reassure myself that everything was going to be ok. Most people said not to worry and that it would take 5-7 days before the scabs started falling off and you start seeing the real color of your new eyebrow hair. Even though I still had a small pit in my stomach I decided to just go with it and follow all of my post-procedure instructions.

While I was healing it was very important to keep my brow area hydrated. They gave me two ointments to use. I would use it before I went to bed and when I got out of the shower because your face is really dry. Its important not to overdue it with the ointment though. From a pain perspective I really wasn't in that much pain the days after the procedure. It kind of just felt like I had a sunburn on my forehead. I was on break from college so I was able to hide in my house for a week. I wasn't supposed to be sweating a lot so I didn't really go to the gym. I tried to sneak in a few walks with my mom throughout the week and limited my leaving the house to short trips where I wouldn't really run into people.

It took me about 10 days to be fully healed. Overall I would say that my entire process and microblading experience was extremely positive. My technician nailed the brow shape and I can honestly say I now have the perfect brows. Just a side note, you do usually need to go in around once a year for a touch up if you want to keep your brows at their best. I hope this review helps you if you are planning on getting your eyebrows microbladed. Good Luck!