Switched From Restylane to Juvederm Ultra Plus Lip Fillers

JessicaParaza Patient gender: Female Patient age: 22 Location: Las Vegas, NV Cost: $500

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Before Lip Filler Were Injected - Switched From Restylane to Juvederm Ultra Plus Lip Fillers - review image.
After Lip Fillers Were Injected - Switched From Restylane to Juvederm Ultra Plus Lip Fillers - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2018

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I am 19 years old and I got lip fillers at Sahara Medical Institute in Las Vegas, NV, by Dr. Francisco Peraza. The price for each syringe is $500. I wanted to get lip injections, not only to have fuller lips but to also make them more even. I never thought of my natural lip size as “too small,"in fact, all my life people have complimented my lips for their size. But one thing that always got on my nerves was how uneven they were. I was born with a very uneven jaw, as well as uneven top and bottom lips. It was not until I started making YouTube videos and had to see the flipped image of myself every single day that my lips really started to bother me.

I started off with one syringe of Restylane Filler split between the top and bottom lips. To numb the pain a little, they put topical anesthetic over my lips for twenty minutes. On a scale from 1-10, ten being ridiculously painful and one being completely painless, I would say it is about a five. I did not feel so much pain as I felt discomfort. I just get anxious having a needle in my lip for more than a few seconds.

The entire procedure took about 30 minutes, but time flew by. I really liked how my lips looked afterwards. They were noticeably bigger and more even. After getting my lips done, they got very swollen. I was told to constantly put ice on them and to massage them if I felt some of the product was balling up in one area. I did not massage them much though, because the sensation brings me a lot of discomfort, so I avoided massaging the filler in my lips. They got the most swollen on the second day. The swelling will continue to go down and heal for about two weeks after getting your lips done. I, fortunately, did not have any bruising whatsoever. Most people who get Restylane filler usually last three to six months before they need to injected again, but I felt like I needed more filler after only two months. Everybody is different, and medicine is not an exact science, so your results although expected aren’t guaranteed.

Since my first filler experience, I got Restylane every two months, which was really annoying, because it would dissolve too quickly in my lips. (Again, this was only my experience. I know several girls who got Restylane in their lips and it lasted almost a year on them). In December 2017, I got Juvederm Ultra Plus which is a much thicker filler and I felt like the results were much more impressive and long lasting. The next time I get filler, I will go with Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Side Notes: The pain was the worst in the centers of my lips. Don’t get this procedure done during the week of your period.


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