Tattoo On The Back of My Neck Successfully Removed With Tattoo Removal Laser

CharBourne Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK Cost: $946

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Back of Neck After Tattoo Removal - Tattoo On The Back of My Neck Successfully Removed With Tattoo Removal Laser - review image.
Tattoo on Back of Neck Before Tattoo Removal - Tattoo On The Back of My Neck Successfully Removed With Tattoo Removal Laser - review image.

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Performed 2017

Procedure review

I had an unsightly tattoo on the back of my neck which I wanted removed. The staff at the clinic were wonderful and gave me a free initial consultation and talked me through the procedure and what to expect. They did initially advise me it would probably take around 7 sessions to remove my tatoo but it did end up taking slightly longer - 10 sessions.

The procedures themselves were comfortable and I did feel like I was in safe hands. The Doctor took me through possible side effects each session could cause and made me sign a form to say I was happy to continue. 

I was allowed to lie down on a comfortable but medical style bed and given goggles to protect my eyes. There was also a machine that blew cold air that was available for my mum (who went with me) to position over the site of the tattoo to numb the area which helped a huge amount. 

To begin with, for the first few minutes the procedure is quite painful - almost like a stinging sensation, but the pain does start to lessen and the area does get number as the time goes on. The sessions themselves usually take around 20 minutes and the laser is 'popping' constantly for this time (it sort of zaps the area and makes a popping noise). 

I was told by the Doctor that dependent on how I coped with the pain, I could have the voltage turned higher or lower - and the higher the voltage, the quicker the tattoo is removed over all. Initially I did find it quite painful which may be why it took longer than 7 sessions to remove (because I had the settings quite 'low' for the first couple of sessions).

Each session I could visibly see more and more of the tattoo breaking down, and this started right from the very first session which I found great as I knew the procedure was working. You do have to make sure you leave around 4 - 6 weeks in between each session as this allows your skin to recover and the tattoo to break down and then heal again before another session. 

On most occassions after I allowed the voltage to be 'turned up', the tattoo did start to bleed and this meant I did have to make sure I took some dressings with me to cover it with to prevent infection and to prevent the blood getting onto my clothes - but this wasn' a huge amount of blood (nothing pouring out!). I thought it would have been better if the clinic themselves provided the dressings but unfortunately, they did not have dressings big enough to cover the area (even though it was relatively small).

I found the doctor (Stewart Good) extremely kind and very caring - he reassured me throughout the whole process and made sure that I was happy with how it was going along the way. I felt safe and the clinic itself is extremely clean and tidy and professional. It was very easy to get through on the phone if I had any queries or had to alter my appointments and I was never kept waiting - I always went straight into my appointments with no problems.

At my initial consultation, I did not find the doctor pushy and he went through all the possibilities of side effects and expected outcomes and I felt very well informed. 

My tattoo is now removed (see picture) and I am very happy with how it has healed - I was warned that i may be left with a scar once it was removed but I actually virtually have no marks and the skin is now healed and healthy and you can't tell that a tattoo was ever there in my opinion). 

I would definitely recommend Cedar Clinic to anyone considering this treatment. The cost of my procedure was £700 total ($946 USD) (£70 per session, 10 sessions total)

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