ThermiVa Helped Repair My Vagina

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$3,300 Beverly Hills, CA
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Performed 2016

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When my friend first told me about her ThermiVa treatment, I thought the idea of sticking a warm probe in your hooha to tighten your vaginal tissues seemed a bit ridiculous. And at a cost of around $3,000, I thought the whole thing was a gimmick. To be perfectly frank, ThermiVa sounded like a rather naughty device. My girlfriend told me otherwise though. She said ThermiVa tightened her vagina, helped with her urinary incontinence and improved her sexual relationship with her partner, which she said was mainly due to helping with painful intercourse caused by vaginal dryness.

Back to my story - I am a mother of two children and have been happily married to a wonderful man for 22 years. My sex life is good for a woman who has been married as long as I have. Both of my children were born through vaginal births and I'd be lying if I said my vagina was the same after my children as it was before. Having two humans move through your vaginal canal is as painful as it sounds (As I'm sure many of you reading this know!). The main complaints I was looking to treat were vaginal dryness, bladder leakage and a tighter, more cosmetically appealing vagina.

I had originally consulted with a plastic surgeon about undergoing surgical vaginal tightening treatments, but was scared out of proceeding. Just the thought of having a surgeon cut and stitch my vagina gave me the chills. I decided I didn't want surgery and wanted a procedure with little to no downtime. So I listened to my friend and decided to consult with her doctor, Dr. Jennifer Ahdout at The Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills. I live in Los Angeles, so I was able to drive to her office.

At my consultation, I learned that ThermiVa (Thermi is the company that makes the machine and Va stands for Vaginal) was a relatively new non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses radio frequency energy to warm up and tighten your vaginal tissues. The treatment seemed very simple and Dr. Ahdout said most patients described it as being very comfortable. She said 3 treatments would be able to address the concerns that I had. The ThermiVa procedure seemed simple enough and I booked my procedure on the spot.

Leading up to the day of my procedure, I was most concerned about getting a bit too excited during my treatment. From what I read and what I had learned at my consultation, I was going to have a warm wand covered in gel shoved up my vagina - think about that for moment. I was worried about reaching that 'happy moment' if you know what I mean. I told myself I would just have to think about sad stuff during the entire treatment.

My whole treatment lasted less than an hour. First the outer part of my vagina was treated. I did not feel any pain, only a warm feeling. Then the inner part of my vagina was treated with a probe covered in gel (as I had expected). The probe was mildly warm and felt very pleasing. I had to really make sure not to get too excited during the procedure. I did not experience any discomfort at all and before I knew it, the procedure was over. The whole process was very simple and very relaxing. It was almost like a day at the spa. 

Immediately following my treatment, I had visible results. The inside of my vagina felt more lubricated and the outside of it appeared tighter. I did not have any downtime either. I returned to Dr. Ahdout's office for two additional treatments, with each treatment separated by a month off. During each visit, my vaginal laxity seemed to improve, resulting in less bladder leakage and improved dryness. Sexual intercourse, which you can have immediately after any of your treatments, was also better. I felt more sensitive in my under area.

All together, my ThermiVa results were good. For a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment, it did it's job. I'm not 20 again, but my vagina is in much better shape now than before. I would recommend ThermiVa to anyone considering a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure.



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