They can do nothing to correct overjet


Procedure specific satisfaction rating

Smile Direct Club

Performed 2018

Zwivel Rating

I went into a Smile Direct Club consultation with one request: Fix the overjet (colloquially known as overbite) of my two front teeth to some extent. I know the product is limited in what it can accomplish, but I was told that my overjet could indeed be ameliorated with their product. This was a blatant lie. Not only could SDC not do anything to correct my overjet, but they sent me aligners that would actually ENHANCE my overjet in order to correct my teeth's "crowding." My teeth have hardly any crowding, as I previously had braces, so this trade-off was highly undesirable. SDC customer support was terrible -- slow to reply and I had to repeat myself over and over again. I would often receive a form email in response, and always from a different representative. I am currently trying to get a refund. 

SDC should be up-front about what their product can do when it comes to overjet, but instead they lie. The truth is: if you have an overjet you want corrected to some extent, SDC CAN DO NOTHING FOR YOU. Don't waste your money. I would have been happy if SDC didn't correct my overjet at all, as I would have been fine with having minimal correction and receiving a retainer to at least prevent my teeth from shifting outward further. But SDC claimed they had to ENHANCE my overjet. It cannot believe they made me go through all of this, when they could have just been honest with me from the beginning.