Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome

LauraLaser Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29

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Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.
Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.
Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.
Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.
Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.
Torn Earlobe Repair: Very Happy With Cosmetic Outcome - review image.

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Earlobe Repair


Performed 2015

Procedure review

Earlobe Reconstruction/Torn Earlobe Repair 

 Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Doctor: Dr. George Hamilton

Paid: $0


I had always been really into multiple piercings, and tattoos growing up; and I became really involved in the tattoo community throughout my teenage years. At the time, ear stretching had become really popular amongst the community. Over about a ten-year period, I had stretched my ears to about 2 inches. A little smaller than a hockey puck size if you can imagine that. After I had hit about 23, I no longer was wearing plugs or jewelry (heavy, dagling earrings) in my ears anymore, and was left with a lot of excess skin just hanging, which looked made my earlobe look split, and a large piercing hole where my initial ear piercing had been. I started shopping around, and looking into getting earlobe reconstruction/repair and got incredibly lucky when I stumbled Upon Dr. George Hamilton and his team. Typically, if you're looking into earlobe reconstruction, you can either have the procedure done at a tattoo shop for about $500 an ear, or by a plastic surgeon for between $1,000 at the very lowest, and $4,000 at the very highest in Calgary (based on researching other Physicians). Dr. Hamilton however, specializes in facial reconstructive trauma, and earlobe surgery is a relatively easy procedure for him to perform. That being said, his secretary Colleen let me know that if I could get another Doctor to write me a Doctors note recommending the surgery, he could perform it free of charge for me, as he could write it off under Alberta Health. I jumped at the opportunity and did just that. I went in for my first consultation. After the consultation, you have to let your earlobes shrink naturally without any jewelry in them until surgery time. The team was extremely professional and the office was spotless. The doctor inspected my ears, and was perplexed at the difficulty level, however agreed to do the surgery. About 8 months later (he’s busy) I got my surgery date, and went to Peter Lougheed hospital to have it done. I laid down on a surgical bed, and the doctor proceeded to soak the entire side of my head with antiseptic– so don’t wear makeup. Next, he proceeds to inject me with a local anesthesia numbing agent into my ear and neck. If I didn’t mention this earlier, you’re awake for the entirety of the surgery. I got about 4-5 different needles, and it completely froze the side of my face and neck. It didn’t really hurt that much, almost like a sharp pinch. The only other thing I noticed, after my ear was frozen, I couldn’t hear that well. It felt as though I had earplugs in or something, but that went away within the next day or so. After the area had be cleaned and frozen, the doctor then began marking my ear in the places he would make incisions or remove skin.  My ears were cut with a scalpel, and stitched together with the remaining part of the earlobe I had left. Each ear took about 45 minutes, again due to the difficulty because I had such large holes remaining. I was prescribed T3 (Tylenol 3’s) for pain, and I went home immediately after. You can technically drive, but having a buddy could pose as helpful. I had bandages wrapped around each ear for about a day, and felt extremely dizzy and disoriented. I couldn’t lift my head off of my pillow for even a second, and even lying down hurt. I felt pain at the base of my neck and head, but after only one day the pain was virtually gone entirely. I cleaned my stitches with just antibacterial soap, and used Aquaphor to keep them hydrated and clean. After about a week I had my stitches removed, which hurt. It felt like bee stings. The doctor noted that after about 4-5 months I could have my ears pierced again if I chose too, but I haven’t gotten them done since. It’s been about a year since my surgery, and I was left with little to absolutely NO scarring at the repair site, leaving me with the best possible cosmetic outcome. To say I’m impressed with his work would be an understatement, and I can’t have recommended him enough to anyone. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with a similar issue consult with a plastic surgeon and not to be afraid of having cosmetic surgery to fix any issue that has bothered them for a long time. Good luck! 


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