Total Capsulectomy To Treat Breast Implant Illness

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Breast implant revision - Implant removal


Performed 2017

Procedure review

My name is Amanda; I am 37 years old and wanted to share my story about Total Capsulectomy. Making the decision to get breast implants was one that I spent a lot of time making. Getting an explant was an even more difficult one. I must emphasis that with any surgery, the amount of research should be extensive. Implant removal can be done for many reasons. For my specific case my body, had reacted adversely to silicone implants. About a year after my implant plastic surgery I was experiencing symptoms that varied. At first I was not too worried, but additional symptoms, especially fatigue led to multiple doctor visits and tests. My general physician obviously knew that I had cosmetic surgery and opened the discussion about breast implant illness.

From there I began reading up on this topic in detail. As I reviewed more and more cases of women who have had breast implant issues after a breast augmentation I started to get really worried. There were some very serious symptoms being listed on the FDA, Health Canada websites and various forums that I was now a part of. The symptoms were anything from, nausea, capsular contracture, increased allergies, trouble focusing and constant pain of the breast. I even reviewed many studies of cancer correlation with very accurate depictions of some of the symptoms I was experiencing. Most of these cases ended with breast implant removal. As I researched this topic of total capsulectomy I knew that it might be something I would have to move forward with.

After multiple discussions with doctors and my health getting worse, I made my decision. The journey to get healthy had begun. Trying to find a plastic surgeon to do this surgery for me was the next challenge. I never thought I would be in this situation; getting another cosmetic surgery, however I knew that if I continued my habit of solid research, I would find a reputable surgeon and one that made explant surgery as comfortable as possible.

I found a very reputable doctor in Beverly Hills, California and started the consultation process. I was hoping it would be a good fit as Beverly Hills is a six hour flight from where I live. Fortunately the consultation process was great, I learned a lot and felt very at ease with what I was about to do. My surgery was planned exactly 3 weeks after my initial consultation.

After my surgery and recovery from the effects of general anesthesia, I did my initial post up. The surgery was successful. As my healing continued, I started to feel much better. Within a week, most of swelling and pain were gone and my symptoms were subsiding as well. When I had my saline implants I consistently felt like I had a head cold, with itchy eyes and a running nose. I am now two months post op and all allergy and cold like symptoms are gone. My energy also has increased tremendously .My doctor is convinced it’s a result of the implant removal. I still have a bit of inflammation, but so far, I am extremely happy with my results. Through this entire process I learned that my overall health is much more important than anything I can do cosmetically.

I hope that my review allows for other women to put their long term health as top priority. It would be a blessing to help empower someone to realize that something they have done to their body which is causing adverse effect can be taken care and you can heal. It is a bit scary, but definitely worth it. If you are considering breast implant removal, please read this in detail. My initial cosmetic surgery was exciting, but my second one was imperative. It was the best decision I have made for my overall health. I can tell my body is healing and I am getting back to how I used to feel. I could not be happier with my decision.

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