The Tough Decision I Made to Undergo Vaginoplasty

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8 Months After Vaginoplasty Surgery - The Tough Decision I Made to Undergo Vaginoplasty  - review image.
Before Having My Vaginoplasty Surgery - The Tough Decision I Made to Undergo Vaginoplasty  - review image.

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I'm Sarah, I'm a 37 year old stay-at-home mom of 3 and I underwent a form of plastic surgery called a vaginoplasty procedure (vaginal rejuvenation surgery). I had 3 vaginal births that were all routine without complication other than routine episiotomies; my largest baby was almost 10 lbs.

Embarrassingly, I sought the care of my board certified gynecologist for the issue that was starting to impact my sex life: loose vaginal muscles that made the vaginal canal almost seem wider, some scar tissue build up, and a small level of urinary incontinence. The intimacy with my husband bothered me the most and was the main driver to me seeking my doctor's help.

I thought about the procedure for about a year before seeking the help of my doctor for the problem. I even did physical therapy for a long time with a specialist to try and improve my vaginal muscles on my own. The process was unsuccessful, so I finally broke down and made the consultation appointment.

I was told by my doctor that the vaginal tightening procedure would improve the muscles of my pelvic floor and help with my incontinence. The procedure would help to tighten the vaginal muscles to improve friction with sexual intercourse and ultimately improve my confidence. During my consult with the doctor she said that I have pretty severe vaginal "relaxation", and that I would be a good candidate for the surgery. She noted that the recovery period would be about 6 weeks, based on most of her patients results, and I would go home the same day. After some further discussion with the physician and with my husband, I decided this was the right surgical procedure to ultimately help me reach my goals and improve my life.

The night before surgery, I had to do a bowel prep which is necessary beforehand. The anesthesiologist called and reminded me of prep I had to do as well as asked if I had any additional questions. The comforting words I received from her definitely helped me to fall asleep that night.

After the surgery I was put into a post-op area and my husband was notified to join me. A few hours after the surgery I was able to leave the surgery center and walk into my home to rest. I left with a catheter that was put in while I was under anesthesia, which is probably the most uncomfortable aspects of the procedure (mostly in a mental capacity). I slept most of the day/night with moderate pain that I was able to treat with pain meds that my doctor prescribed.

The next day my pain was at about a 3 or 4 out of 10 and I only needed Ibuprofen for the pain. I was able to shower without much of an issue and overall my strength seemed to be improving quickly. By the third day I had a follow-up visit with my doctor to remove my catheter and ensure that my surgery site looked OK.

In the two weeks after the surgery I'd say I had ups and downs with the pain level, mostly due to issues with constipation and having trouble with pressure in my back. The stool softeners and adjustments in diet made the best impact on getting things "going" again from a digestive standpoint. Other than that, bleeding, swelling and bruising has gone away almost completely.

About 6 weeks after the surgery I had another follow-up with the doctor and she lifted all restrictions, including sex. I was excited to start intercourse again, but very nervous about how it would feel (for both me and my partner). So I decided to get something called a dilator set to help relax the area more until I felt comfortable to move forward with intercourse.

Two weeks later (8 weeks post) my husband and I had intercourse, which probably could have happened sooner but I was worried about not working my way up with the dilator enough that I would be comfortable. The first time was a little slow but also intimate and sincere, which was special for both of us. My husband said that I felt a lot tighter and he's really impressed with it. For me it felt a lot more intense and had more sensations than I've felt in a long time.

The last visit I had with the doctor was 6 months after the procedure, and I think that the best part of having the surgery done is my general well being: I feel supported "down there", put together again, that I'm going to age a lot better. Sexual intercourse has changed to be almost like it was before I had children, which make me and my husband very happy. The reduction in incontinence also made me feel much less like an aging mother, and just helped me feel normal again.

Overall, the vaginal repair surgery was certainly something I was glad I researched extensively and exhausted all options before undergoing it, but I am happy with the change it has made in my life and truly feel like I've achieved amazing results. I'm thankful for my husband for his support and for taking care of me and the kids while I was undergoing the procedure and the recovery, and for the care and commitment by the surgeon, the staff at the surgery center, and all the responses to my emails during the recovery to ease my nerves.

I'd recommend this procedure to anyone who has done their due diligence, has found the right doctor, and is prepared for a little bit of downtime that will ultimately help improve your life.

Hi could you tell me what doctor you went to?

Hi I was wondering what doctor you went to?