Tried Botox For My Migraines at 19

HBaker Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Cost: $400

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After Botox Injections 2 - Tried Botox For My Migraines at 19 - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

Procedure review

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine at the age of 16. They were seasonal but still extremely painful and I felt hopeless. My migraines were horrible and day ruiners. If I even smelled something too strong or wrong, I had an instant migraine.

When I turned 19, my dentist suggested I try botox. I had always thought of botox as a negative thing, but it actually ended up helping me a ton.

I went to Doctor Peter Pham in Altoona, Pennsylvania. He is my dentist and did my lip injections so I was very trusting in him. He said the botox would help cushion my headaches/migraines and I should get them less frequently and less painful. The procedure cost $400 flat. It was expensive but I will continue to do it again and again. My

I am currently 20 years old and I get forehead botox for chronic migraine and cosmetic reasons. From what I took from my doctor, botox paralyzes the muscles in my forehead. It fills in wrinkles and lines and definitely helps cushion headaches.

Pre-procedure was just like any other day, I went in and signed some paperwork. The actual injections only took about 5 minutes and I could hardly feel a thing. I could feel the needle go in but nothing after that. I didn’t even physically see the needle ever because it was in my forehead, which made it easier on my stomach.  It was fast and painless. My head did feel kinda weird afterwards but nothing crazy. I had a minor headache the day of the injection but it wasn’t unbearable.

The real difference wasn’t noticeable for a couple days. Dr. Pham told me it would take about 14 days for it to completely kick in and settle. Over the first couple of days, the changes were slight. About a week into it I noticed a big difference, the giant sunken wrinkle on my head was completely gone. It was almost magical honestly. My eyebrows did “drop” a little bit though. The shape was never altered but they did sit a little bit lower on my face. I didn’t mind the look, it was actually worth the minor alteration to never have headaches again and no more wrinkles. Makeup sits so nicely on my forehead now, it is smoother than ever. I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier.

Onto the medical differences- I haven’t had a headache since. I can wear certain perfumes now that I didn’t want to wear before because they bothered my head.  The doctor did warn me that it will only last 3-4 months. At the 4 month mark exactly I started to notice the texture and headaches come back. I immediately called the doctor and scheduled for more. It is so worth it to keep the migraines away. I will keep up with this procedure and I cannot thank Doctor Pham enough! If you are thinking about giving forehead botox a try, I 100% recommend it whether it's for medical reasons or cosmetic. It makes the world of a difference!

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