Tried Revanesse Versa Lip Injections

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Before Revanesse Versa Lip Injections - Tried Revanesse Versa Lip Injections  - review image.
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Lip augmentation

Performed 2018

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I'm 27 and had never received lip injections before I tried Revanesse Versa. My injector Abbie was running a special introductory price of $425/syringe on Versa. Volbella and Juvederm were a few hundred more per syringe and I originally came in asking for those fillers. When Abbie told me about Versa, I asked if there was a difference in quality between it and the other more recognized fillers. Abbie convinced me there wasn't. I think she said the molecules in the hyaluronic acid that make up Versa were actually smaller and therefore injected more smoothly, or something to that effect.

The lip injections hurt somewhat. I should have asked for more numbing solution, but made it through my treatment. Abbie injected from the sides of my lips and for some reason I thought lip injections were done differently. I was told this gives you a more even distribution of the filler as it's injected into your lips.

When my treatment was done I was given a mirror and my lips looked great. I had a nice amount of volume added to my upper and lower lips and they looked very even. My fear going into the office was that they would look lumpy, but that was not the case at all. My lips had some swelling for a few days but I liked the way it looked. I was sad my lips weren't swollen anymore. 

I have had no side effects from Versa and my lips look great! Not sure how it compares to Juvederm and Volbella, but it worked for me! I will return to Abbie in a few months for a touch-up.