Unsure If SmileDirectClub is Worth it

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After SmileDirectClub Treatment - Unsure If SmileDirectClub is Worth it  - review image.
After SmileDirectClub Treatment - Unsure If SmileDirectClub is Worth it  - review image.
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SmileDirectClub, formally known as SmileCareClub, was a 50/50 experience for me. I will admit that I was one of the first customers to test this system and SmileDirectClub provided my aligners free of charge in exchange for a Youtube video I created for them. Honestly, if SmileDirectClub did not sponsor my video, I do not think I would have proceeded with their treatment.

Let me start by saying that the technology itself is pretty amazing. SmileDirectClub's invisible aligners do work -- that is, they turn crooked teeth into straight teeth -- and it's nice that you don't have to see a dental professional to receive them. This saves you a lot of time and money. However, I was not fond of their customer service. Throughout my entire treatment plan, my customer support rep changed numerous times and I never received the correct aligners for my top teeth. Therefore, I was only able to treat my lower teeth, despite numerous calls to their representatives.

The biggest problem with SmileDirectClub's support, is that I always had a different rep and none of the reps knew about my previous calls to their support department, so I kept having to explain the same story over and over. Each time I called, I had to explain to them that the aligners for my they had sent me for my top teeth did not fit correctly. Each time I spoke with them, they mailed me new aligners but none of them ever fit correctly. For this reason, in my opinion, it may be a better idea to visit a local dentist or orthodontist for your treatment. Dental professionals typically offers Invisalign aligners and they are more expensive than SmileDirect, but at least you know your dentist is going to give you the aligners!

Anyway, I will say that the treatment process is pretty straight forward. I wore a series of clear aligners on my bottom teeth that eventually gave me perfectly straight teeth. I did not have any issues with my aligners. The new aligners were mailed to me every few months and you receive a tracking number from SmileDirect when they're sent, so you can find out where they are.

Although my experience wasn't the best, I have heard that SmileDirectClub has improved their customer support. When I used them, the company's name was SmileCareClub. From my understanding, they relaunched under SmileDirectClub to reflect their improved support and evaluation kits. I'm not sure where SmileCareClub's support team was located, but from my understanding, SmileDirectClub's support is in Nashville, Tennessee. I've also heard that they have opened up more Smile Shop (their local offices) locations for patients to visit and get in-office dental assessments. If you're interested in SmileDirect, I would recommend reading recent patient experiences to find out if they've truly improved their process. I would say that using clear aligners is much more appealing than having to wear traditional metal braces.

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