Used Microneedling to Fix My Acne Scars

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Performed 2015

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I tried microneedling knowing that the odds of it working weren't high considering how cheap you can find derma rollers on Amazon. I'm a big believer in the saying 'you get what you pay for it.' I must say, I was very surprised with the results I had. I wanted to try doing microneedling treatments because I have acne scars that remain from the moderate acne I had during high-school. My nightly skincare routine involves taking a shower, derma rolling once my skin is dry and applying moisturizer. I derma roll 3-4 times a week and only at night. Each month I press a bit harder on my derma roller. I believe the needles on my microneedling device penetrate into my skin deep enough to stimulate some collagen production and that has improved the depth of my scars and quality of my skin. My scars have not completely gone away but they are better. For the cost, I would suggest people try microneedling. It's certainly cheaper and involves less down time than laser treatments and some of the other techniques used to resurface your skin.

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