Varicose Vein Treatment Changed My Life!

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Varicose Vein Treatment

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For more than 12 years, varicose veins in my right leg have been ruining my life. Whether it's the pain they caused me or the embarrassment I felt because of them when I would wear shorts, they affected me in one way or another everyday. The pain was either a feeling of needing to stretch the affected area, a burning sensation, or sometimes shooting pain, just to name a few. I thought this was just something that happens as you get older (I'm 42), and I that I would be forced to deal with it for the rest of my life. Luckily, I was wrong.

My sister also suffers from varicose veins (it is a genetic medical condition in our family), and a few months ago she went to have a vein removal treatment. I joined her for her initial consultation and watched the whole process. She had laser treatment, and after seeing how it went, I decided I'd pursue vein treatment of my own to finally overcome more than a decade's worth of discomfort.

During my pre-op consultation, my doctor seemed very confident about repairing my veins with minimal bruising and swelling. He explained to me that there are three veins in the leg, and that if there is an issue with the main vein, there isn't much that can be done. But if one of the other two veins is the problem, that would make for a good candidate for the same laser therapy my sister received. Luckily, my condition was in one of the two deep veins that can be treated by a vascular surgeon.

Before the procedure, the doctor told me that since there wouldn't be any stitches put in, I should get a compression stocking, which I would compare to industrial strength pantyhose. They had to be prescribed, and I went to pick them up before I went in for the surgery. The doctor also told me to shave my legs beforehand so he could easily see the problem areas and address them.

The surgery itself went well. I laid down on my back and was given an IV with some sort of sedative that didn't knock me unconscious like a general anaesthetic, but made me feel like I was kind of going in an out of consciousness a bit. I still heard the doctors and could mumble "yes" when they asked me if I was doing okay. There wasn't much pain during the surgery. If I hadn't known I was having vein surgery, I would have just thought I was getting stung by a bee or poked by something.

I kept the heavy bandages on my leg for a full day after surgery before taking them off to see the results. I didn't feel much pain afterwards either, and I only took 500mg of ibuprofen. Removing the bandages and gauze was the most painful part, because I had to do it extra slow so I wouldn't open the wounds and screw up the healing process. After I took off most of the gauze, I took a shower to try to have the water help loosen up what remained. After the shower, I put on the compression stocking, which was awful. It felt even more annoying than the bandage wrap I removed. Taking the stocking off before bed was painful again because I had to avoid ripping open the dried blood on the wounds.

About 3 days after surgery, everything still looked okay with the wounds, and the only problem at that point was that they were a little itchy, but that might have just been my leg hair growing back. I started walking around a little bit, but didn't want to overdo it, so I still spent most of my time laying down or sitting with my leg elevated.

After roughly 7 weeks, the wounds were pretty much all healed up, and I just had some small scars from where they entered the veins that were still a little noticeable. At that point, the only pain I would feel would come if I accidentally kicked a step or a curb on the way up, or something similar that sent some shockwaves up my leg.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my varicose vein treatment and would recommend anyone who was suffering through the same things I was to go get it taken care of right away. I'm back to running and exercising as normal, wearing shorts feels much better than it has in a long time, and I hope vein problems are a thing of the past for me!