Very Happy with My 3200 Graph FUE Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant


Performed 2017

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I had debated getting a hair transplant for a solid 7 years before finally making the jump. I resisted because I kept thinking ‘what if my hair transplant fails and I’m left with BB gun looking scars on my head?” I knew it was possible my transplant could fail and I might be left with an ugly bald head. I had to weigh having a bald head for life vs. the risks of getting a hair transplant. Each time I looked in the mirror and saw how bad my hairline had receded, it kept making my decision easier.

Once I decided to make the leap to proceed with hair restoration surgery, it was full speed ahead. From the time I made the decision until the time I was having the grafts placed in my head was around two months. I ended up getting 3200 graphs placed into my head in a single, long session.

The follicular unit extraction procedure was not painful. I was numbed really well before any cuts were made to my head. My procedure took a number of hours and I ended up eating lunch at the clinic, watched a movie and read to pass the time better. The entire surgery really wasn't that bad. I would have preferred to be enjoying a nice day out at the beach, but I was willing to sacrifice to get my hair back.

At the conclusion of my hair transplant procedure, my scalp was washed with a solution and then my head was wrapped with gauze. I was given strict instructions to be careful not to dislodge the implanted hairs and was given antibiotics, a special shampoo and cream that was supposed to soften my scabs.

My recovery was not bad at all and went exactly as planned. My nose and eyes were a bit swollen the day after my procedure from all the anesthetic they had pumped into my head, although I was not as swollen as others are post-op. The swelling went away after 2 days.

For the first two weeks, I had this crustiness or scabbing over of the recipient area. The special shampoo I was given did soften the scabs and around 2-2.5 weeks my scabs fell off entirely. Once my scabs fell off, my head didn't look so bad. It just looked like I had a red head and very short hair.

Over the next 1-2 months, my hair grew longer and things were looking up, but then I entered the 'ugly duckling stage.' This is when your hair does not look good at all and you start to get hair loss as your new follicles shed the hair they grew. Since my doctor allowed me to wear a head from 2 weeks post-op forward, I often went outside with a had on to hide my odd looking dome. I was warned about this stage and knew I had to be patient.

By 7 months, my hair had grown back in and my scalp was no longer red (almost all of the redness went away around the 6th month). My donor area looked good too. I still had very tiny scars, but they were almost impossible to see, even when I ran my fingers through my hair.

As I write this, I am 1 year out from surgery and I could not be more satisfied with my results. I would recommend a FUE hair transplant to anyone who has really been emotionally impacted by the loss of their hair. Having my hair back means so much to me. I no longer look in the mirror and stress about how bad my hair looks. I know the hairline I have now should last me the rest of my life. Good look to all my fellow hair loss sufferers!

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