Very Happy With My Breast Lift Surgery - Before and After Photos, What It Cost and More!

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Breast Lift Surgery 2 Years Post-Op - Very Happy With My Breast Lift Surgery - Before and After Photos, What It Cost and More! - review image.
Before Breast Lift Surgery - Very Happy With My Breast Lift Surgery - Before and After Photos, What It Cost and More! - review image.

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Performed 2015

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While losing a significant amount of weight (when needed) can be extremely healthy and an overall confidence booster, unfortunately, it also comes with it’s own set of consequences. I’m not writing this to try to discourage anyone from beginning their weight lose journey, because trust me, it’s TOTALLY worth it! However, there are some unpleasant “side effects” people don’t talk much about.

I had lost a large amount of weight (over 100lbs) all naturally. I was left with mass amounts of loose skin. It was very unattractive, in my personal opinion, and at the time I decided I wanted to go through with plastic surgery to remove my excess skin. At that time, I was 29 years old.

One of the things I always disliked about myself, even pre-weight loss, were my breasts. Since I was at one point nearly 300lbs, they were large, and well, saggy! Once I lost all the weight, the situation got even worse as you can imagine! I lost some breast tissue but none of the skin. My breasts were flat like pancakes looking at the ground!

My plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubin, specialized in breast lift surgery. He’s even created and uses his own type of breast lift technique. His technique was obviously tested and approved for breast lift procedures. He has been using this procedure for some time now and has seen very good breast lift results.

I called Dr. Rubin's office and scheduled a consultation. The day of the visit came and I was very excited! I really wanted new boobs!! Dr. Rubin was kind, sincere, and informative. Never making you feel inferior or awkward. He explained the procedure to me and examined my breasts. He said I had asymmetrical breasts and he could help fix that problem during my breast surgery. I then got to look at a binder of before and after photos, all of the results were amazing to say the least!

After I successfully completed all of my pre-surgical testing (CBC, nicotine test, etc.), I was deemed healthy enough to proceed! I scheduled my surgery date and waited patiently for the day to arrive.

The day of surgery arrived and I was back in pre-op. After the nurses did the usual examination on me (blood pressure, pulse, pregnancy test, heart rate, temperature, and listened to my lungs and heart) Dr. Rubin and his group of residents entered.

I was defiantly not the most comfortable disrobing in front of all these people, but I figured they have seen it all! Not only that, but Dr. Rubin encourages you to take your time, offers to have the extra residents leave if it’s too much (I believe one would have to stay, don’t quote me on that). Dr. Rubin truly has the type of personalty that relaxes a person, and makes you feel very comfortable and not judged at all! The residents at the time were the same. Very kind and smart! I opted to let them stay and then Dr. Rubin took his time marking my chest up with a marker. These marks would act as his “road map” during surgery. He took a considerable amount of time measuring my chest, from my collar bone down to my nipple area. He does this so he can ensure correct placement and symmetry of your nipples with your new breast shape. Yes, your nipples come off, are resized and shaped to fit your new breasts and reattached! Amazing what they can do! Anyways, he took a lot of time, asked a lot of opinions from the residents (which I admired, he obviously treats everyone with respect). It put me at ease to see the amount of time he was putting into these chest markings. I knew he had his mind set on providing great results!

Before I knew it, I was wheeled into the OR, given general anesthesia and then I was waking up in the post op recovery room after surgery. The first thing I remember is feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest! Even though he had taken my breasts down from above a DDD, I was ready to enter G territory to a DD (settled final result), they felt like cinder blocks! With the pain on my chest, it felt hard to breath, but the nurses quickly helped comfort me.

When I came to it a little more, I realized I had one drain connected to each breast. Qh, the feared drains! Haha. The drains are used to help expel any excess blood and fluid while the initial healing begins and are usually left in for around 1-3 weeks, depending on the area of the surgery and how much fluid is collecting in them. Once home, you have to empty the drains on your own and write the time down and the amount of fluid in each drain collection bulb. This helps the doctor determine when it is appropriate to remove them. Removing them is a simple in-office procedure.

My chest was bandaged up pretty tightly after surgery. I can’t remember every detail other than a huge ace bandage, but there was also bandages underneath the ace bandage to help protect the incisions and the nipples.

In all honestly, it did take awhile to get use to that heavy feeling on my chest, and I had to sleep elevated on my back. Eventually that heavy feeling went away and I was relieved. However, I still had healing to and my recovery period continued. I would go back to the office weekly for post-op check ups. After a couple of weeks the drains were removed and I was able to move on from the ace bandage to a sports bras that latched in the front. It felt much better! If I recall correctly, it was around 2-3 months until I was able to wear a regular underwire bra.

When I saw my breasts for the first time, I was SHOCKED at the results!! I could not have been happier! I will say that after the procedure they look sooo “fake” and perfect! I absolutely loved the appearance, but as I was told, swelling would go down and they would “fall” slightly into a natural looking shape, and that they did, they are still 10x better than my natural breasts were, and I would defiantly go through this surgery again!

After my breasts healed, I was left with minimal scarring from my surgical incisions. Dr Rubin performed an anchor incision during my breast lift. It's called the anchor incision because it starts at the bottom of your areola and proceeds down the breast in a straight line and then where the bottom of the breast curves to meet the chest, it branches out to the right and left “fold” of your breast (which makes it look like an anchor).The feeling in my one nipple never left, however the feeling in my left nipple took a good few months to come back. Nothing that bothered me at all! I’m very happy with how my breasts healed!

I now feel much more confident when being intimate with my husband. I also feel much more comfortable letting people see me in a shirt without a bra… although a bra is always recommended! I’m referring to in the morning and such when you’re in your PJs still! I have used Dr. Rubin for multiple cosmetic procedures and he never disappoints! Heck, as time goes on I might even go back for round two!

Dr. J Peter Rubin

Oakland, PA

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center - Oakland, PA

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