Very Pleased With My Hydrafacial

CarerraHolmes Patient gender: Female Patient age: 28 Cost: $150

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Performed 2018

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My name is Carerra Holmes. I’m 26 years of age and from Pittsburgh, PA. On May 19th, 2018, I went to the skin center for a hydrafacial treatment. My overall experience with them is 10 out of 10. I had got in contact with my friend Olivia Brandy, who works at The Skin Center as an Esthetician, and she was doing hydrafacials and suggested that I come in after telling her my skin issues. My skin is very dry and I felt that no matter what I was doing, my skin was just not how I wanted it to be. It was dull and I was having some acne and hyperpigmentation problems. I also had some texture issues I wanted to get rid of. I was told the hydrafacial could help with all of my issues.


When I went to The Skin Center, the staff was so nice. The facility was very clean and smelled great. It was relaxing just waiting in the waiting room. The exam room was just the same. She explained the procedure very well and answered any questions I had before beginning the treatment.

For the facial, it only took about 30 minutes. She informed me that the facial isn’t like regular facials and that they use a machine, which she explained would not hurt. She told me that they use the machine to hydrate your skin from the inside out. She explained that it pushes all the serums into your skin and that made me very excited to get started, because that gave me hope that I could get my skin the way I’ve always wanted it. I know this isn’t some miracle solution that would make my skin perfect, but it was a start.

The first thing she did was remove all the dead skin and peach fuzz on my face by dermaplaning. My biggest concern with this, was that the hairs on my face would come back dark and thick, but she assured me that it wouldn’t and that made me feel at ease. It's now almost 3 weeks later, and the hairs on my face have not come back any darker.

After that is when she started using the hydrafacial machine, which I personally found very relaxing. I immediately sensed my skin absorbing all the serums and my it instantly felt more hydrated. Even though she explained each step to me when I initially entered the exam room, as she started each new step, she explained it again just so I knew what she was doing, which I thought was very nice. She was very gentle and we had great conversations during the treatment, which I have found is very important when you’re working with people.

At the end of my treatment,  she finished with a warm blue light to help with my acne. She then applied sunscrean to my face and explained that it would help to prevent the sun from damaging my more sensitive, treated skin. 

It has now been a little more than 3 weeks since my treastments and my skin feels much more healthy, hydrated and looks rejuvenated. It feels softer and glows more than it did before my treatments. 

I’m very pleased with how my visit went and she explained that if I wanted he best results, I should come back every month. The Skin Center is rated number one here in Pittsburgh and it is very easy to schedule an appointment. The staff was very friendly, helpful and professional! I will be going back very soon. I highly recommend them and the hydrafacial treatment! 

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