Very Pleased With My Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

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Upper eyelid lift


Performed 2016

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Performed 2016

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I had upper and lower eyelid surgery about 2 years ago. This was my experience having those procedures with my final thoughts on whether or not the surgery was worth it.

Getting old is not fun and I can personally vouch for that. I remember the days when I was concerned about having a zit on my face, not my upper eyelid's excess skin covering my eyes and wrinkled bags under my lower eyelids. Time really does fly and my face showed I had spent one too many days in the sun without moisturizer. My eyes bothered me so much that I frequently wore lots of makeup and eye shadow to conceal the way they looked. I even moisturized every night thinking that would actually help my eye bags and loose skin go away. I was getting desperate for a solution, even trying those cheesy eye puffiness removal serums.

Even though I was so ready to have surgery immediately, I took my time meeting with plastic surgeons. I wanted to make sure I avoided having my eyes botched. That would only make a bad situation worse. The plastic surgeon I ultimately decided to go with was Dr. Gary Breslow in Paramus, New Jersey. He was such a warm and comforting surgeon. He answered all of the questions I had and I left his office feeling very confident in his abilities.

About a week after my consultation, I called Dr. Breslow's office and scheduled my surgery. Cheri, the patient care coordinator, was so sweet and kind throughout the entire process.

My operation was done at Dr. Breslow's office in a sterile environment under local anesthesia. The local anesthetic was uncomfortable when it was injected but it didn't hurt. A drape was then placed over my face that only exposed my eye. The excess skin on my lower and upper lids was then cut away, cauterized and sutured together. The incision on my lower eyelid was intentionally placed in my lower eyelid crease and that was done to hide any small scar that I would potentially be left with.

My eyelid surgery went well and even though I had swelling pretty soon after my operation, I wasn't feeling too bad considering I just had a surgical procedure where skin was cut off my face. I left Dr. Breslow's office feeling like my first endeavor into plastic surgery was a success.

The next two weeks weren't overly pleasant but bearable. It wasn't that I experienced any pain, but I did feel the need to hide from the public for a bit of time. I always wore sunglasses when I went out to hide the swelling and minor bruising that I had. I was able to minimize my bruising and swelling by applying cold compresses to my eyes very frequently. Additionally, I experienced some dry eyes and fixed that with eye drops. A few days after my surgery, my sutures were removed and things got easier from that point onward.

Now that it's been some time since my surgery, I feel safe in saying that I'm really pleased with my final results. I just look like I have a more youthful appearance and not like a totally different person. I no longer wear as much eye makeup and only wear contacts for my eyes now. My incisions have healed very well and both of them are hidden by natural creases on my eyes and face.

My eyelid surgery procedure went well and Dr. Breslow and his staff were so amazing throughout. I recommend this procedure to anybody who is not happy with the way their eyes look. As far as surgical cosmetic procedures go, this is probably one of the least invasive and can really give you a self-esteem boost like few other treatments.

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