Vitalize Chemical Peel Review: Cost, Photos and Video

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Vitalize Chemical Peel Review: Cost, Photos and Video - review image.
Vitalize Chemical Peel Review: Cost, Photos and Video - review image.
Vitalize Chemical Peel Review: Cost, Photos and Video - review image.

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Performed 2016

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My name is Kim, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I make YouTube videos as my hobby and hope they help others.

I have acne scars and hyperpigmentation and frequently wear makeup to conceal my damaged skin. I recently decided to do a ton of research into procedures for my skin and looked into laser treatments and mild peels. I eventually decided that a chemical peel would be best for me and decided to look for recommendations to a esthetician that could do it for me.

A friend of mine recommended Nancy RX in Atlanta, a medical esthetician, who has 5 star reviews and has her own private practice. I booked an appointment a week before the procedure and she advised me to discontinue Retin-A products 1 week before peels and that I must be off Accutane for 6 months. The reason I had to stop both of these treatments, is because you have very sensitive skin while you're on them and they can make it more difficult for your skin to heal after a chemical peel.

When I arrived at Nancy RX, she explained the procedure to me. She told me about the different types of peels they had: light chemical peels and medium-depth chemical peels. I would be receiving a light Vitalize salicylic acid peel, which of all of the skin peels out there, does not have much downtime. The deep chemical peels offer more dramatic results, but are often done in a surgery center, so that was obviously not an option for me.

Before we started the peel, my skin was cleaned with some sort of rubbing alcohol prep pad. Nancy made sure all of the makeup I was wearing was completely off of my skin. It was then time to put on the peel. Upon applying the peel, it did burn but she fanned it as soon as it started. It was not unbearable at all but as you all know beauty may require a bit of pain. The stinging sensation didn’t last long but she did have to add about 3 layers of the chemical solution that peels your skin, so that the new layer of skin underneath my epidermis would be visible. Once she was done she fanned my face until I was no longer burning and it felt normal again. The total procedure only took a total of 15 minutes. She gave me a list that explained how to wash my face, to use SPF 30 sun protection or higher, etc. She advised me to leave the peel solution on overnight and I did just that!

The next morning, I washed the peel off and my skin looked great. It was tight, glowed and I was worried that it wouldn’t peel. She did mention this would be the best day. On day three the peel begins around my mouth. It looked bad but not as bad as day four. Day 4 and 5 are the worst because it peels all day and it itches. Once it started to itch I used Vaseline and that worked best for me. Honestly you don’t want to touch, peel or scratch your face at all. If you want it to peel quickly, you may not want to wash you face until you’re 100% sure you’re about to go to bed. Extra moisture will slow the peeling process down and that gets frustrating. Day 6 and 7 are the last days and it only peels around the edges. Once most of the dead skin cells have fallen off of your face, you'll notice youthful looking new skin starting to appear.

It is recommended to avoid sunlight as much as possible. You must wear sunscreen at all times when going outside too. You do not want to get a sunburn on your newly peeled skin. This could lead to sun damage. I felt comfortable going to work but some companies may not allow it so I would ask your manager before getting this peel. If you have a 9-5 job, I would recommend getting the peel on Thursday and taking off Monday. Friday, you will not peel but Sunday and Monday will be your worst days. You’ll still have peeling on Tuesday but not to the point where you would be too uncomfortable. I absolutely LOVE my results and I’m anticipating a second peel as we speak. Not only did my dark spots get lighter but also my skin is smoother and my pores appear to be smaller. While applying makeup, I’ve realized it takes less time and not as much makeup. If you’re struggling with uneven skin tone, a chemical peel is a must! My skin hasn't looked this good in a while.

I received the Vitalize peel but just ask your Esthetician or doctor which peel works best for and will give you good results for your skin type. Nancy is the BEST hands down, her reviews on the site speak for themselves. The cost of my peel was $80. 

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Hi Kim,

Your valuable review on chemical peels will continue to help patients seek out the truth about the procedure. So thank you! 

Too many patients in my office have to overcome fears of chemical peels from YouTube "fail" videos, poor outcomes from home peel reviews, etc. and having a real life patient so eloquently describe their experience will only help the Zwivel community and those who stumble upon it to feel more comfortable. 

We offer Vitalize peels and Rejuvenize peels by Skin Medica (an Allergan company), Theraplex salicylic acid peels, glycolic acid peels, and the VI peel (a medium depth peel). 

Please share any updates on your progress to continue your story and success in improving your complexion. 

All the best,

Jeanine Downie, MD

Jeanine Downie has 1 Chemical Peels for Skin Rejuvenation/Dark Spots/Aging/Acne before & after:

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