Was Originally Scared to Get Microblading but Loved it!

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Before My Microblading Treatment - Was Originally Scared to Get Microblading but Loved it!  - review image.
After First Microblading Treatment - Was Originally Scared to Get Microblading but Loved it!  - review image.
After Microblading Retouch Procedure - Was Originally Scared to Get Microblading but Loved it!  - review image.
1.5 Years After Last Microblading Treatment - Was Originally Scared to Get Microblading but Loved it!  - review image.

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Performed 2017

Procedure review

In May of 2016 I made the decision to have my eyebrows microbladed. This is something I had put so much thought and research into because frankly it sounded a little scary to me. This procedure consists of a tiny blade being used to deposit pigment into the brows creating hair like strokes in the form of a temporary tattoo. Having a tattoo on my face was frightening! But, I spent SO many years unhappy with my brows that I was willing to give it a shot!

A little background... growing up I was deemed the girl with the “Brooke Shields” brows. My brows had a life of their own! They were bushy and beautiful and I never thought about altering them... until...the 90’s! My teenage years were spend in the 90’s and if you know anything about that decade you’ll understand the paper thin brow trend. Being a teenager and VERY impressionable I felt it was necessary to PLUCK and WAX my brows until they were nonexistent. The 90’s was the graveyard for what used to be my thick beautiful brows.

As we know, trends come and go and the paper thin brow was no exception. I spent much of the next 15 years trying to grow those puppies back out. I used every growth serum known to man. I finally came to the realization that I had permanently damaged the follicles from over plucking and it just wasn’t going to grow again. Fast forward to 2016... I began hearing about this new procedure that could give me REAL looking brows once again! I started researching microblading and found my technician Amy. She had done extensive training and had lots of before and after photos. I knew I had found my girl!

When I went in for my initial treatment she walked me through every step before getting started. She went over what would be the perfect color match. We talked thoroughly about the shape of the brow I was looking for. I showed her pictures of the style of brow I liked and also allowed her to have some free reign to make

them perfect for my face. I trusted her. She began by putting numbing cream on and letting it sit for about 15 minutes. She then started the procedure. Basically they do 3 passes with the blade with breaks in between. With each pass they perfect them a little bit more. I was nervous because I hadn’t had a tattoo before and wasn't sure what the pain level would be. I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn't enjoyable but it was totally bearable! It sort of feels like tiny paper cuts. The first and second pass weren’t bad but by the third pass, you are definitely ready for it to be over. LOL

The results are immediate BUT the color is much darker for the first 2 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks for the brows to heal and for you to see the actual coloring. Recovery was easy. My brows were sore for a few days. The first time I had this done I was told not to get my brows wet for 7-10 days. THAT WAS HARD!!! Thankfully, when I just got them touched up about 2 months ago, I was told don’t get them wet for 24 hours and then to wash with a gentle face wash. The main thing is keeping them moisturized throughout the healing process. They will begin to heal and scab up and this is when it becomes itchy. Keep coconut oil on them and it will help reduce the discomfort.

Anytime you have microblading done you will go in for your initial treatment and then again in 6 weeks for your final touch up. I love this, because, after your brows heal you may see areas that you want perfected or if you want the shape adjusted or anything you can do this at your follow up session. Both visits were including in the $600 charge for microblading.

Since having this procedure I have been so much more confident ESPECIALLY when I’m not wearing any makeup. Before, without makeup, my face just looked OFF until I at least filled in my brows. Now I can wake up, skip the makeup, and still feel put together because brows are always there! When I do my makeup I’m able to just use a little brow powder or just brow gel instead of spending 20 minutes to actually create a brow. It’s just been awesome! I’ve enjoyed it so much that I went back 1 1/2 years later and had them redone!

This procedure is temporary so it does fade over time and if you want to continue to have those beautiful brows you’ll have to get them touched up. The amount of time and energy I save on doing my brows is well worth investing in having this procedure done! I would absolutely recommend this service and so many of my friends are also enjoying their new brows thanks to microblading.

Additional Information About My Microblading Treatment

Age: 37
Location (city/state)- Richmond Va

Microblading Tech- Amy Ashfakh

Initial treatments rendered (may 2016) at Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery- Vienna, Va

Recent treatments rendered (oct. 2017) from Skin Sutra Medspa- Fairfax, Va (I've attached a video of my experience at this location)

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