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My body was only able to resist gravity for so long before I began showing signs of aging at the old age of 44. I still looked fairly good for my age, but I decided to look into alternative treatments for help. My friend works for Allergan and told me to consider Botox. Coincidentally, one of my colleagues had recently had Botox done and I liked the results she had. I began searching online for information about Botox, the costs of it and before and after pictures of people who had it injected.

During my research phase, I kept coming across doctors who were running offers on Groupon. I investigated the plastic surgeons who were running these deals and one of them, Dr. Mirza, had horrible reviews online. Patients claimed they did one of his Groupons, only to find out the injections he gives are likely not even real. Very scary! I quickly made the decision to not pick a provider based on cost. I knew you could really end up looking strange by picking the wrong doctor. I was not going to be a penny pincher when it came to having substances injected into my face.

Once I did finally pick a doctor, I made sure I read every review that I could find about him. I was extremely cautious about allowing any one other than the perfect doctor inject me. I wanted to look good. I just kept thinking about 'what if I look really bad for the duration of the Botox?' That would have been 6 months of looking weird and I could only imagine what my colleagues what have been thinking.

Doctor's Appointment: 

At my appointment, I had originally gone in to have Botox injections, but the doctor convinced me to try Dysport. My doctor said it was cheaper, worked faster and lasted longer. I had 20 units injected across the top of my forehead and between my eyes. I had bad frown lines and was really hoping the Dysport would be able to smooth them out (read below to find out if it worked!). The Dysport injections took mere seconds to be performed. There was a bunch of little pricks at the injection spots and then he placed ice over my forehead and that was the end of it.

Before leaving the office that day, I asked him about the under eye hollows that I had. I noticed over the years that the area under my eyes looked darker. The doctor told me this was from losing volume in my face as I aged. He told me that dermal fillers were a great solution for fixing volume loss in the tear troughs. He said Juvederm Voluma was recently FDA approved and was one of the longer lasting under eye and cheek fillers. He told me it was injected under the muscle and would puff up my face with volume. The filler was made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally made inside of your body. The cost was the biggest problem though. Fillers were not cheap! He told me I could start by having 2 syringes injected and that seemed reasonable to me. I was not expecting to get the fillers that same day, but ended up getting it done. I will admit that the filler injections hurt more than the Botox injections. I felt it more on the left side of my face than the right. The filler was injected under my eyes and the top of my cheeks.


After My Injections:

Juvederm offered near immediate results, with my cheeks and under eye area looking much better. Some of what I initially thought was volume from the filler, ended up being swelling, so I had to go back to my doctor for an additional 2 syringes to give me the look I wanted. Expensive, but I loved the results I got afterwards.

It took 7 days for my Dysport injections to set in and effect my muscles. I didn’t notice anything for the first 7 days and then my forehead started smoothing out and my forehead muscles didn't move much. Dysport doesn’t numb your forehead, all it does is prevent your muscles from moving much. It was kind of a strange feeling at first and now it feels weird if my muscles move. I was told your muscles atrophy with continued use of Dysport and you'll naturally get fewer wrinkles.

Final Feelings on My Injections:

I really liked my results. I will without a doubt continue to get Dysport and filler injections. I also use SkinMedica TNS Skin Serum and together with my injections, my face has really rejuvenated! I remember originally looking on the internet for skin lotions that would be anti-aging and when I saw the price of TNS, I thought people would crazy to pay that much. Now I absolutely love TNS Serum! It's the only approved lotion that has stem cells in it. It really does make your skin look younger. I apply it at night.

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