Went With Ideal Implants For My Breast Augmentation

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After Breast Aug Surgery 1 - Went With Ideal Implants For My Breast Augmentation  - review image.

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Breast augmentation


Performed 2018

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Once I hit my late teens, I became fully aware of the fact that my breasts were not going to grow any larger and knew I was stuck with what I had for life. Although I had been tempted to get breast implants many times between my teens and the point when I had surgery, even consulting with a few plastic surgeons along the way, I always talked myself out of it. I had grown up during a time when Silicone implants were banned and saline implants were the only option for women considering breast augmentation surgery. I didn't like that silicone implants looked fake and were prone to rippling or leaking. I also had to live through the ban of silicone implants, which is what I originally wanted, because they do have a much more natural feel. I was left with no good options and did not have surgery until I was 37.

So what made me change my mind? My friend is a plastic surgeon and she told me that a new implant called the Ideal Implant had recently been FDA approved and it offered the natural feeling of silicone, without the health risks of a silent rupture, which many women have said causes implant illness. (There are some crazy stories about how ill women feel after having their silicone implants leak without them being aware of it.) She told me she wasn't carrying the implant yet, but knew of other surgeons who were big advocates of it. I asked her for a referral to a surgeon who used Ideal Implants and she gave me one.

During my consultation, the doctor explained the pros and cons of the Ideal, silicone and saline implants. He even let me feel the differences between them. It was pretty clear when I touched the implants that silicone was the softest and most natural feeling of the bunch. The surgeon told me that what made the Idea Implant special, was that it had two shells (he called them lumens) vs. standard saline, which are only made of one shell. This prevents the saline solution from sloshing around the implant and gives the outer most shell of the implant more rigidity, making it feel more natural than a standard implant. It sounded interesting, but when you hold the implants in your hands, there is no denying that silicone feels the best. Going with the Ideal Implant really came down to was I willing to sacrifice some of the natural feel for safety. This was a really tough decision to make and I had to think about it for two weeks before I called the surgeon back and booked my surgery.

I arrived at a surgical center at 6 am for my surgery. I had to go through the usual steps you would expect before a procedure: paperwork, change into a gown, get hooked up to an IV, etc. The nurses were really sweet and comforted me throughout the process. Before I was wheeled into the operating room, I spoke with my plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Then I remember being transferred from the bed I was on to the operating table (under those big lights). Within maybe 3-4 minutes, I was completely asleep and didn't even see my plastic surgeon walk into the operating room. The only person I remember seeing was my anesthesiologist and a nurse. When I woke up in recovery, I didn't even know the surgery was over. It seemed to go by in the flash of an eye. I didn't even feel sick when I got up as many people complain they do. I felt like I had just awoke from a good nap.

For around a week after surgery, I was sore and experienced moderate pain. I was prescribed medication that I took a few times each day which controlled my pain. My breasts remained high on my chest for around 6 weeks before dropping. I am currently 3.5 months post-op and love my results. I will post another update on here around the 6 month mark to let you know how thinks are going.

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I am 2 weeks post-op from breast augmentation surgery and received 500cc ideal implants. Are you still happy with them? Any problems? Do you ever feel them slosh? Thanks and I wish you well!

Hello - I have not had any issues with my implants. My recovery went well and I've been enjoying my larger bust ever since. I hope everything went well with your surgery too!