Went a Year Without Botox and My Lines Came Back

Tags: age 35-44

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Botulinum toxin A

Performed 2017

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I was so nervous the first time I got Botox and it was over nothing! The injections were so quick and simple. I experienced no pain and my forehead wrinkles smoothed out within 2 months. I really didn’t even notice there was Botox in muscle when it kicked in. I had to look in the mirror to tell it was working!

Jump forward a bit more than a year. Life got in the way and I went more than a year without a Botox treatment. My forehead lines returned and I wasn’t pleased to see them. I promptly made an appointment to get more injections

If you’ve never had a Botox treatment, it takes about 5 minutes. They wipe off your head with an alcohol swab, stick you a few times with a very small and fine needle, then they send you home. That is all Botox injections entail.

When you get in your car to go home, you might notice a few little bumps from the Botox fluid sitting under your skin. By the time you arrive home, they’ll all be gone and you’ll look as if nothing was done. The only restriction my doctor tells me, is to limit exercise for the rest of the day while the Botox get absorbed by the muscles. This is because if you sweat, you might push some of the the Botox out of your body, making your treatment less effective.

Botox is a miracle potion. It gets injected and you have no wrinkles! No pain and it’s so easy. You should know that is expensive though. I pay $500-700 for my treatments, depending on how many units of Botox I need. Stop pussyfooting and go get your Botox! Odds are you already waited too long.