Why I got a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Mini BBL.


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Tummy tuck

Performed 2014

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Hello everyone! My name is Angelica and this is the story of why I got a tummy tuck, liposuction and a mini Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

After having 4 beautiful children and the last 2 pregnancies resulting in C-sections I was left with a totally different body that not only did I not recognize when I looked at myself in the mirror, but that I was also unhappy and because of this I had low self-esteem. The flat stomach I used to have was gone and now I was left with excess skin and a body I no longer liked. I thought after each pregnancy I would just workout, diet and I’d regain that tummy I once had through weight loss, but all the exercise and dieting only made my stomach area sag and that's when I started thinking about a tummy tuck to get rid of my extra skin. The only thing is when I started researching, I felt so discouraged because the pricing here in the US for tummy tuck surgery was out of my reach. Then I met someone in the workplace who shared her story about getting a mommy makeover in the Dominican Republic and she looked amazing. That’s when I decided to search outside the US and consider the Dominican Republic. I found so many women that have turned to DR for plastic surgery because they couldn't simply afford to have in here in the states. I did so much research on the doctors that I selected based on reviews, before and after pictures and most of all that they were board certified in Dominican Republic. I turned to social media too as part of my research which included Instagram and met a few ladies that I now keep in contact with and they were my support system through the whole surgical journey. I met an amazing woman that shared her experience with her doctor in Dominican Republic and I then started making my in-depth research on my doctor, Dr. Carlos Mojica De Leon. Not only did I learn that he was board certified in his country but also studied in other countries as part of his education in Plastic Surgery and his work spoke for itself. I reached out to him, sent him photos of me as he requested along with many questions I had to answer like my age, weight, height etc. and what most impressed me the most was his professionalism through everything. We spoke several times and he described the entire process in great detail and answered all my questions. I agreed to a full Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of my waist, flanks and back and a Mini BBL. I was very strict with my vitamin intake to prepare my body for surgery. I ate as healthy as possible and most of all I kept a positive mind. Once I got to Dominican Republic and met my doctor/surgeon whom I was talking to for months in person I knew I had made the correct choice. He made it very clear that my hemoglobin levels had to be at a certain number to undergo surgery and I was sent to get blood work, an EKG test and to be cleared for the surgery I had to pass all the tests, which thankfully I passed. I also had a full physical here in the US with my primary doctor who cleared me for surgery. My experience was a pleasant one, from the moment I entered that operating room to the moment I woke up in recovery it all was amazing. The second and third day were the worst because you will have to depend on someone to do everything, thankfully I hired a recovery home that took great care of me. But I would say in my experience I was able to pretty much do all the basic things on my own around the 3rd week. Recovery isn't easy and I would strongly recommend having someone there to help you the first few weeks and take your medication. Once you are fully healed you will look back on the entire process and your new body, you will be so happy you decided to do it.

This decision to get plastic surgery changed my life! I used to be so insecure with everything I wore and going out in revealing clothing to the beach was a NO for me. Not only was I happy to wear things I once didn't even look at because I knew they just wouldn't fit or look good on me but people have noticed the difference not only in my appearance but it the boost of self-esteem. I can't believe how the amazing results I have. Today almost 3 months’ post-op and I have more confidence than ever. I am a firm believer that if you are not happy with something and can change it then go for it!! I sometimes wonder why I waited such a long time to have these procedures done! I would recommend plastic surgery to anyone, just make sure you are in good health, go through your primary doctor for clearance. Research the potential doctor so much that you are at ease and confident with your decision. Preparing your body for surgery and making the proper arrangements for post-op care is extremely important when it comes to your recovery.