Wonderful Brow Lift Experience With Dr. Jeff Healy

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Performed 2017

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I’m 29 years old now but I was 28 years old at the time of my brow lift surgery. I decided to look into having plastic surgery to fix my sagging brows after years of being told I looked tired or angry. I wanted to look refreshed and like I had a full night's sleep. I also have light eyes and wanted to draw more positive attention to them.

I met with a few plastic surgeons on the island before deciding to go with Dr. Healy. He was not the cheapest plastic surgeon, but looking for a discount was not my #1 priority. I did not want to take any chances with my face.

Dr. Healy was wonderful during my consultation. He understood my concerns and was very understanding of them. He told me all about brow lift surgery and how it would be performed under general anesthesia through two small incisions in my hairline, which would eventually be masked by my hair. He said I would be swollen and might have some bruising, but when I was fully healed he was confident that the procedure would deliver the results I was looking to achieve.

I will admit that prior to my surgery I was very nervous. Jackie, Dr. Healy’s patient care coordinator, was wonderful and helped ease my concerns about the procedure. She told me exactly what I could expect and promised me I was in good hands. Heading into surgery was certainly scary, but Dr. Healy's entire team helped keep me calm and relaxed. I don't remember anything after I was put to sleep, but when I woke up, I was very comfortable and in no pain.

My recovery was really not that bad. I was very swollen and slightly bruised for about a week and by the second week I started looking better. A month into my recovery, my brows and forehead started looking great. The scars in my hairline had already healed nicely by this point and things continued to improve for the next few months. By the fourth month, I looked exactly the way I had dreamed (See the before and after photos I've attached. They were taken 4 months into my recovery). When I looked in the mirror, I looked so much more alert and awake. I now feel and look my age.

Overall, my experience with Dr. Jeff Healy was amazing! He is extremely knowledgable, kind and never made me feel uncomfortable. His entire staff treated me so well and I would recommend that anyone in Hawaii visit him if they're contemplating having a cosmetic procedure.


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