Wonderful Nipple Reconstruction Surgery With Dr. Peter Ledoux

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Performed 2017

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Dr. Peter Ledoux was a godsend. He played such a pivotal role in my long battle with breast cancer. After having bilateral mastectomies and bilateral reconstruction, I was left without nipples. For some time I thought I would be just fine living without them, but I never felt quite like myself. When I was naked and looked in the mirror, I didn’t see ‘me.’ When I met with Dr. Ledoux, I told him I was scared of going through another surgery. My body had been through so much and I was post-radiation. Dr. Ledoux and his whole staff were so understanding and really helped my get through yet another procedure. My nipple reconstruction surgery went so well. Better than I had imagined. Still till this day I am so amazing at how they’re able to make a nipple out of nothing. If you’ve never watched a video of the surgery, I highly recommend doing so. It really helps put your mind at ease knowing the surgery is not as extensive as it sounds. Good luck to all the other women out there fighting the fight and please know there’s always help out there and to never give up.