Xeomin Injections Worked Well For Some Wrinkles But Not Others

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Botulinum toxin A

Performed 2017

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I recently had Xeomin injections. Xeomin is comparable to Botox but less expensive. It's made by Merz pharmaceuticals vs Botox, which is made by the much larger pharmaceutical giant Allergan. It's the newest (but been around for a number of years already) neurotoxin used for facial wrinkles. It is missing a protein that Botox contains, but the protein has not been show to be necessary for the same results.

I wanted Xeomin injections to fix the crow's feet on the side of my eyes and glabellar lines on my forehead. I was also hoping it would help with the wrinkles under my eyes, but it later turned out that I needed Belotera filler injections to fix those wrinkles. (For the record, Botox wouldn't have helped with the wrinkles under my eyes either.)

My injections were easy. I didn't have any bruising and only a small bit of swelling at the injection sites.

Xeomin worked well for my glabellar lines and crow's feet, but did nothing for the wrinkles under my eyes and at the top of the apple in my cheeks.

Xeomin did it's job and I definitely have some wrinkle reduction, but I had to go back to my doctor for fillers to achieve the results I desired. I do recommend Xeomin for frown lines and crow's feet but it isn't a miracle drug for a woman of my age.

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