Younger Woman's Experience With a Labiaplasty

Private Patient gender: Female Patient age: 31 Cost: $5,200

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Performed 2017

Procedure review

I have gone back and forth about sharing this because I feel like this is TMI to the maximum. I realize that other women have thought about doing what I did and that pushed me to share my experience. This review is about my lady parts, so if you don’t want to hear about it, I suggest you skip this review.


Why I decided to Have Labiaplasty Surgery?

I had a minor but chronic problem. It impacted my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve always had longer lady parts, or what is medically known as a large labia or hypertrophy of the vulva. Both my labia minora and majora were oversized to the point where they would get caught in my panties. This not only caused confidence issues during sexual experiences but was very uncomfortable. I lived with this problem for a long time and I always wished something could be done. I just wanted to have the extra parts snipped off. Six months ago I mustered up enough courage to speak with my gynecologist about my problem and he told me about the labiaplasty procedure. The labiaplasty is frequently performed for cosmetic reasons, but in my case it was for functional issues. Unfortunately for me, I had to pay out of pocket for the procedure because it wasn't causing any medical issues other than discomfort . My labiaplasty surgery cost $5,200.

Leading up to the day of my surgery, I was fine until the night before and then I got pretty nervous as surgery was only hours away. The procedure was done through local anesthesia and my biggest fear was the pain I would experience from having a needle injected 'down there.'


Experience With The Surgery

The procedure took about 30 to 45 minutes. They put numbing cream on 'my areas' and then the worst part of the surgery came. The doctor began giving me the local anesthesia injections. That part hurt a bit and this is coming from a person who has had laser hair removal and Brazilians down there, so I can handle pain in the nether region pretty well. Keep in mind, I was awake for the entire procedure. I could hear, but not feel, everything.

One problem I had as my surgery went on, was that my body absorbed the anesthetic very quickly and I needed to have additional injections throughout the entirety of the procedure. When the anesthesia started to wear off, I could feel the suturing and this was not pleasant.

When the procedure ended, I had a lot of blood down below. The nurses were great and gave me pantyliners for the bleeding, but I was saturated. I needed a new pad every minute to keep up with the blood I was losing. They assured me that this was normal, would stop over the next few hours and that I should stay hydrated.


Recovery Begins

By the time I got home, I was soaked. I even bled a bit in my car and needed my sister to clean it before it stained my seats while I sat in the bathtub to make sure I didn't bleed on anything else. I wasn't trying to ruin my carpet or couch. That would have made this a very expensive surgery! Thankfully, my sister was there to help me during my recovery. Talk about sisterly love! She proved that she was my best friend during the struggles of my first week of recovery. 

I bled most of the night post-op and started to feel a little hypotensive (low blood pressure). I had experienced this before and knew what was happening to my body. I drank a lot of water and eventually I stopped bleeding heavily.

Once I had stopped bleeding, I applied ice packs to the area. This helped with swelling and comfort. I was also taking Ibuprofen and Tylenol pain medications. I would say that the bleeding was traumatic but my pain was minor. The biggest annoyance during my recovery was that I needed to use a spray bottle each time I went to the bathroom to clean the surgical area and prevent it from getting infected. This made me not want to use the bathroom often. I found myself holding in my pee longer than I normally would.

The first week after of my recovery was inconvient but fine. I had to be careful when I got up out of chairs or my car, because I needed to be careful not to rip my sutures. I also had some itching near the surgical area and it was uncomfortable resisting scratching down there. I had this same feeling after I had a cyst removed and think it has something to do with temporary nerve damage or shock that causes your body to think you have an itch. 

I went for my first follow-up appointment for my procedures a few days after surgery. My gynecologist was touching around and feeling stuff pretty aggressively down there, but he needed to check to make sure everything was healing well. He did notice that one of my stitches was loose and that’s probably why I was bleeding so much. My doctor said everything else appeared great and told me to keep icing for the swelling and continue with the pain medication.


Going Back to Work

I went back to work 7 days after my surgery. I'm in the medical profession, so fortunately I was able to wear loose clothing. I would suggest that anyone who has this surgery not wear tight clothing for about 2 to 3 weeks, because you will feel physical discomfort by creating friction down there. You'll also want to avoid walking long distances, because this too creates friction that will make you feel some discomfort.


My Final Opinion of Labiaplasty Surgery

My labiaplasty experience was up and down. When I was bleeding heavily, I regretted the surgery. Once I was all healed up, I thought it was a good decision. Not having a large labia has boosted the way I feel about myself. My nethers no longer gets stuck in my panties and I feel more comfortable in bathing suits and other tight fitting clothing. Looking back at what I used to deal with, I am happy with the way everything ended up working out. My general well-being and mindset has improved. My 'parts' are tucked in where they should be and as a younger woman, I feel like this surgery has made stuff look the way it should. 

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