Is it normal to experience hair loss after a sleeve gastrectomy?

I have had normal hair loss my entire life (life of a woman), however since getting my bariatric surgery I have noticed a lot more hair loss. Is this just a side effect or am I going to end up bald?


F, 33, New Jersey

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I had gastric sleeve surgery done and I understand what you're going through. I also experienced hair loss initially. My hair did fill back in, and I was able to conceal the hair loss during the process. You will not lose all of your hair. Try not to panic because it does get better. My doctor explained to me that gastric sleeve surgery causes a temporary interruption in the hair growth process known as telogen effluvium due to hormonal changes, and it causes the growth to go into a resting stage. Most of our nutrients immediately after the surgery are used to maintain our health. The amount of hair that is lost is normal but is more noticeable because new hair follicles are not growing during the resting stage. My doctor recommended that I take vitamin supplements and eat a very healthy diet. I still eat a lot of protein because the doctor recommended that, and I take a hair vitamin supplement. I have a full head of hair and it's shiny and healthy.

That's actually pretty normal after weight loss surgery, believe it or not. How long has it been since you had the surgery? Hair loss can occur for up to six months, then it usually stops and your hair growth resumes. I remember every time I washed my hair after the surgery, I ended up with huge clumps of it when I detangled. I was petrified, but careful monitoring from my surgeon made me feel better. However, your case is really different, you've always had hair loss. I would call your surgeon and for a dermatologist referral, so you can see what's really going on.

When I had my gastric bypass surgery I wanted to be fully informed about the side effects. My doctor told me that there was a chance that I would experience telogen effluvium post surgery, which means your hairs growth phases are disrupted causing more than normal hair loss. I experienced hair loss about four months after my surgery. Even though I knew that this was going to happen, it was still bothersome. Luckily, I didn't lose that much hair. Because I didn't have any other health issues, my hair loss was temporary. My physician offered me b vitamins to help deal with the side effects of gastric bypass surgery, including hair loss. I started to notice my hair growing back less than six months after I started losing it.

When I had my bariatric surgery, I was told that there would be a chance that I could experience hair loss. Around 40 percent of bariatric surgery patients experience hair loss. Of course, I just happened to be in that 40 percent. Even though I knew that hair loss was a possibility, it was still upsetting to experience it. I took solace in knowing that this is a normal side effect and it's not a permanent one. The hair loss was sudden, it happened about three months after my surgery. My physician told me that the hair loss should only last 1 to 6 months. My hair loss stopped after about two months. P.S. I experienced rapid weight loss from gastric sleeve surgery.

Hair loss is always a cause for concern, especially when it happens to us ladies. I've dealt with pre-surgical hair loss because of my thyroid medication's side effect. After my gastric sleeve surgery, surprisingly, I didn't have much loss, despite my surgeon warning me. He told me it was extremely common, but it grows back eventually. It is extremely unlikely that the hair loss will be permanent. How long has it been since your surgery? Have you told your doctor about your hair loss?