I started working out when I went to college in 2005.  The beginning stages were excellent I saw rapid results and was on my way to having the macho strong man body that I had always imagined.  However, as I continued to workout I started to achieve my results a lot slower, so being the idiot 19 year old that I was I started using PEDs.  I started super light with Winstrol (Winny as the kids called it) but then moved to a little bit of testosterone.  And eventually by the time I was 21 I was doing 250mg a week.  I went through the side affects of acne and some testicular shrinkage but it wasn't that terrible.  To me the benefits far exceeded the side effects.  

After college, and as I got into my career my working hours became longer and my gym time became less frequent.  I had noticed a slight change in my chest as I continued to go on and off of testosterone till about 25 when I completely stopped.  From doing some research I found out that I had developed gynecomastia, or "bitch tits".  Besides from being self conscious about it, I didn't do much until we started renting a beach house each summer with my high school friends.  Taking off my shirt in front of my friends, (although they never said anything) was very uncomfortable for me - especially since at one time I was the fit in shape guy.  Anyway, this made me want to get gynecomastia surgery and I looked for a doctor in New York City and had the procedure performed.  I visited a few doctors before having my procedure.  My main concerns were how much was this going to cost and could I afford it, and what would the recovery time be.  

The doctor I chose quoted me at roughly $7,500 and told me that I should recover in 7-10 days.  I had the procedure and could not be happier, I no longer see those gross tits when I look in the mirror, and I even started working out again (not on the juice).  Along with getting my confidence back I learned 2 new things from this journey that I can use in life.  There are no shortcuts in life (I should have never used Test to get ahead) and true hard work pays off.  Good luck to anyone who has a similar story to me - pretty much hundreds of people I went to college with ;)

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