Gynecomastia Post Surgery Indentation


I had gynecomastia surgery almost 9yrs ago by a general surgeon. Today, those chest indentations I was told to wait and should go away once it’s fully healed never went away. I have permanent indentations on both nipples areas. I’m sure the general surgeon removed more than what he should have. When I touch or press down on the nipple area, there is literally fat, muscle, or tissue behind it. I just feel my chest/rib cage.

During my recovery process, I believe my incisions became infected but the doctor claimed it was fine. The doctor never put stitches on my nipples after surgery but only put tape on my nipples (fell off shortly after). Is there anything I could go back and file a dispute or claim against the general surgeon for doing an incorrect or bad procedure? If not, what are my options for getting this corrected and how much would it cost me?

I would really appreciate any advice/help with this please.




M, 33, Minnesota

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